Amazon’s Impact on Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers

The most recent—and likely the most profound—disruption in the product industries is the rise of Amazon and Amazon Business, Amazon’s B2B marketplace and platform. If your company wants to stay relevant with modern consumers, you must have an Amazon strategy in place whether you are a manufacturer, a distributor, or a retailer. While some product companies do not sell on Amazon or Amazon Business, and some do not see Amazon or Amazon Business as a direct competitor, your business is risking extinction if you don’t consider Amazon’s future effect on the industry and your company specifically. Read on for more information on the state of Amazon and the industry plus tips on how to stay competitive in today’s Amazon world.




Dont Loose to Amazon

How to Ensure You Don’t Lose to Amazon

For many companies, a core factor for their future survival is the answer to one simple question: Is Amazon a friend or foe? Read on for 3 recommendations on how to stay in business in today’s Amazon world.

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Amazon Entry

Lessons from Amazon’s Entry into B2B

Amazon Business is profoundly affecting manufacturers, distributors and retailers alike. Discover the key takeaways on Amazon Business in the marketplace and the different Amazon partnership options available.

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Amazon b2b

3 Tips for Facing the Amazon B2B Behemoth

Spoiler alert:
#1 – Never, ever take your eye off Amazon

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