Why NetSuite

Increase Profitability. Improve billing and invoicing accuracy to free cash flow while targeting profitable clients using a rich collection of historical data.

Easily Manage Traffic. Use NetSuite resource management to identify available resources and particular skills—and effectively staff your project at the right margin.

Collaborate as Virtual Teams. Easily identify and fill staffing shortfalls, allow staff to access assets and artifacts through collaborative electronic job jackets.

Gain Executive Visibility. Gain real-time insight to make data-driven decisions on performance through role-based dashboards and KPIs.

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NetSuite for Advertising and Digital Marketing Agencies

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NetSuite Advertising Product Features

Sales and Forecasting

  • Estimate Management

  • RFP/SOWs

  • Client Communication

Business Impact

Customer Acquisition Cost

Win more clients with fewer resources at the right margins.


Use business development activity captured in NetSuite to more accurately predict wins.

Client Satisfaction

With better information, account managers have informed exchanges with clients.

Marketing Effectiveness

By tying wins to programs, understand where to invest for the best ROI.

Project Management

  • Workflow

  • Portfolio Optimization

  • Real-Time Project Analytics

Business Impact

Burn Demand

Understand where projects are against budgets instantly.

Portfolio Optimization

Manage investments in client projects that are most important to the business.

Project Analytics

Understand which tasks or discipline groups are performing best, and see best margin areas.


  • Traffic Management

  • Skills and Utilization

  • Forecast Capacities

Business Impact

Traffic Management

Manage resource workflow and allocations to optimize budgets and schedules with freelancers.

Leverage Skills

Automate inventory management and resource skill and experience searching.


Anticipate demands and margins on resources against projects. Plan hiring with transparency into portfolio skill demands.

Media and Procurement

  • Campaign Budgeting

  • Insertion Order Management

  • Reporting

Business Impact

Campaign Planning

Plan campaigns collaboratively and include approval workflow.

Insertion Orders

Manage insertion order transaction workflow and invoicing.


Report on IO reconciliation management for performance and billing.

Execution and Delivery

  • Campaign Budgeting

  • Insertion Order Management

  • Reporting

Business Impact

On-Time Delivery

Increase accuracy of planning and execution through collaborative planning and execution.

Cost to Serve

Track all financial metrics of a project from budgeting to billing.

Cycle Time

Reduce client cycles through effective information access and communication.

Cash Flow Management

Improve cash flow with quicker, more accurate invoices.

Billing and Revenue

  • Billing Rate Cards

  • Revenue Schedules

Business Impact

Bill and Receive

Bill with client, project or service rate cards that flow to invoices.

Delivery Costs

Gain insight into costs and margins for the business.

Cost to Prospect Close

Reduce inefficiencies in sales, execution and billing cycles, reducing total cost to serve.

Financial and Analytics

  • Multi-Entity Reporting

  • Cost Accounting

  • Revenue Recognition

Business Impact

Real-Time Visibility

Role-based insight enabling data-driven decision-making.

Staff Productivity

View resource utilization and billing forecasts.

Revenue Recognition

Streamline the back office and report with accuracy.

Cash Management

Gain real-time insight into cash status and needs.

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