Technical Documentation

For detailed information about SOAP web services, refer to the SOAP WSDL, the SOAP Schema Browser, and the NetSuite Help Center.

For information about working with SOAP and REST web services, refer to the NetSuite Help Center.

SOAP Web Services WSDL

The SOAP web services WSDL provides a complete description of available services, operations, and messages.

SOAP Web Services Schema Browser

The SOAP Schema Browser provides a web-based view of all records, fields, lists, enumerations, operations, warnings, errors, and faults in SOAP web services. The SOAP Schema Browser should be used in conjunction with the Records Guide, which is available in the NetSuite Help Center.

NetSuite Help Center

The NetSuite Help Center includes additional technical information about working with SOAP and REST web services. To open the Help Center, log in to NetSuite and click the Help link, which is in the upper right corner.

The Help Center includes the following resources:

For downloadable versions of Help Center documentation, refer to the Users Guide(opens in new tab) page.


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