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Beginning in the 2015.2 BFN review cycle, three new badge types were introduced, as shown above. These badge types indicate the category of solution that the SuiteApp represents based upon information provided by the SDN Partner. Here are the definitions:


  • The entire solution resides on the SuiteCloud platform.
  • SuiteApp is deployed to customers' accounts via the SuiteBundler.
  • All components are within the scope of BFN review.


  • The majority of the solution resides externally to the NetSuite platform.
  • This is a separate solution with data integration to NetSuite, via a custom integration, or via a generic connector.
  • The scope of BFN review is only upon the integration components of these solutions.


  • These solutions are a mix of platform resident components and external components.
  • These are separate solutions integrated with NetSuite via custom UI and/or internal and external data.
  • The scope of BFN review is only upon the native components and integration components of these solutions.


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