The Built for NetSuite program is built on the foundation of Education, Consultation and Confirmation.

Education, Consultation and Confirmation


Education consists of making information and resources available on the following:

  • NetSuite's SuiteApp development process mirrors the NetSuite development process, which is based on a mature, multi-stage model of plan, design, develop, test and deploy stages.
  • Design principles at key integration points intended to guide SDN Partners in making appropriate development choices in building their SuiteApps, including guidance directed toward improving SuiteApp performance, reliability and security.
  • Operational and technical security best practices recommended by security industry organizations and practiced at NetSuite.
  • Considerations regarding their software development process, licensing practices, data privacy, and customer agreements.


NetSuite SDN team members are available for consultation with SDN Partners to:

  • Provide additional information on the Built for NetSuite program requirements.
  • Help SDN Partners throughout the SuiteApp development life cycle.
  • Help with questions and resolving issues while completing the questionnaire and other steps in the Built for NetSuite review process.


The confirmation process requires that the SDN Partners:

  • Submit a completed questionnaire confirming that the SuiteApp meets the program requirements.
  • Provide positive customer references and / or
  • Perform a product demonstration to the NetSuite SDN team.


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