William Roam

William Roam Brings Refined Luxury Amenities into Hotel Rooms

Ali Murphy noticed the quality of shampoo, body wash, lotion and other personal care products at hotels was much lower than what many people used at home. That realization led her to start William Roam in 2013, creating high-quality, vegan personal care products for hotels. William Roam now offers four “collections,” 25-30 items with unique ingredients and packaging, which it sells to high-end boutique hotels and consumers.


William Roam


Indianapolis, Ind.


Health & Beauty


Under 25


$4 million




SalesForce CRM


Microsoft Dynamics 365
Shopify Plus

NetSuite Products Implemented

NetSuite ERP
Learning Cloud Support

“Absolutely I would recommend NetSuite, the reason being we’re a very small company right now, but we operate with the mentality that we’re going to be a big company and the system will be able to scale with us.” PJ Greco, President, William Roam

Immediate Success Sparks Operational Challenges

William Roam

Customers welcome a newcomer

William Roam’s products enlivened a stale product category, fueling exponential growth in its early years. Its commitment to manufacturing all products in the U.S. and doing so sustainably also attracted hoteliers. The health and beauty company’s growth has hardly slowed—it ranked No. 695 on Inc.’s 2018 list of America’s 5,000 fastest-growing companies.

William Roam

Accomodating hoteliers

Since many hotels are located in big cities, they have limited storage space and can’t carry much inventory. So William Roam’s customers often need products on short notice. As order volume rose, an ERP and CRM that didn’t communicate with each other and manual processing of Amazon orders held the business back.

William Roam

Simplifying order fullfillment

As sales spiked, William Roam needed more automation. It unified back-end operations with NetSuite, which replaced its ERP and CRM and supports a new B2B ecommerce site. Integrations with Amazon and Shopify allow orders from all channels to flow into NetSuite, helping customers receive orders faster and reducing errors.

William Roam

Ecommerce to power future growth

William Roam hopes to drive more buyers online with its SuiteCommerce B2B site—customers can view the full product catalog and their order history, pay bills, and more. The brand also sees direct to consumer as key to future success, connecting with individuals through its ecommerce site, marketplaces and boutiques.


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