Producer of Synthetic Motor Oils Founded in 1839 Saves $100,000 Annually on Programming Costs Alone

Schaeffer Manufacturing Company


Schaeffer Manufacturing Company


St. Louis, Mo.



Applications Replaced

AS/400-based proprietary system



"We were becoming a big company, but we couldn't afford a big, integrated ERP system. With NetSuite our competitive advantage is strengthened." Schaeffer Manufacturing Company

Customer Success

  • Web-based software strengthens Schaeffer's competitive advantage.
  • Have gone from $85 to 130 million in sales (a 53% increase) with no additional staffing needs in customer service, order entry or accounting.
  • Customer shipping time improved by 25% and are processed within 15 minutes versus days with more accuracy.
  • Use of EDI order entry grew from 30% to 70% of orders.
  • 95% of orders are processed through EDI, significantly increasing efficiency.
  • Yearly cost savings of $100,000 for programming and $14,000 for paper costs.


  • Company growth march to $100 million in sales outpaced its 25-year-old, fragmented AS/400-based proprietary system.
  • Cumbersome manual processes slowed customer shipments.
  • Larger customers were requesting automated order and payment methods.
  • Faced with buying an expensive ERP system or a collection of applications Schaeffer would have to integrate.


  • Chose NetSuite over SAP BusinessOne and Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Using NetSuite for accounting, order management, purchasing, inventory, and CRM.
  • Entire order-to-shipment process integrated and automated, with help of OzLINK with NetSuite.
  • Easier to offer EDI and EFT because NetSuite automates the processes.

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