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Regina Andrew Design Optimizes Buyer Experience with New Commerce Platform

In 1997, husband and wife team Carla “Regina” Zajac and Jimi “Andrew” Slaven turned their passion for art into Regina Andrew Design, a wholesale manufacturer specializing in home décor. After years running on siloed, legacy systems, the company needed a system to improve inventory management, provide engaging online experiences and support long-term growth. Regina Andrew chose NetSuite’s unified cloud platform to consolidate systems, streamline operations and optimize online purchasing for its B2B buyers.

Regina Andrew Design


Regina Andrew Design


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“By adopting the NetSuite unified cloud-based system, we have lowered IT costs, streamlined our business and improved the customer experience.” James Bonomo, COO, Regina Andrew Design

Real-Time Data in the Cloud

Real-time inventory management, faster order processing
One of the biggest challenges for Regina Andrew Design was keeping track of inventory that changes throughout the year with new designs. The NetSuite solution not only provided a single source of truth for inventory, but also order and customer data.
Optimizing the online buying experience
Regina Andrew Design replaced its Magento ecommerce site with NetSuite SuiteCommerce to support its B2B clients, including Neiman Marcus and Lamps Plus. After logging into the website, buyers can see their account pricing, get real-time and future inventory availability and place orders. Buyers can also apply credits and make payments against outstanding invoices. Designers can create project lists and add items to each list, then easily purchase.
Empowering sales representatives with digital
Instead of taking orders, Regina Andrew Design’s sales representatives can focus time on value-added services and building brand loyalty. With extensive product information and detailed images, the new website is also used as a sales presentation tool.


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