Audio Visual Service Provider Qubix Projects a Brighter Future With Financial Efficiency

Qubix Technologies is India’s premier provider of audiovisual and ICT (AV-ICT) services to businesses and other large organizations. Founded in 1984, the now Bangalore-headquartered firm helps integrate third-party AV technologies—like audio, video conferencing and collaboration tools, and indoor, outdoor and facade lighting systems—for workspaces, entertainment, hospitality and private residences across India, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Over time, Qubix struggled to efficiently manage financial and transaction data across its 10 locations on QuickBooks.

Qubix Technologies


Qubix Technologies


Bangalore, India


Information Technology Services




US$4-5 million




Zoho, SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics 365




NetSuite Professional Services


Bengaluru (Bangalore)

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“NetSuite provides deep, real-time visibility of our busines performance, empowering us to solve problems early and take calculated risks to grow the business quickly.” Rhythm Arora, Chief Technology Officer, Qubix

Tuned In for Insights

Expanding offering, expanding revenue
Qubix regularly updates its offerings to include cutting-edge AV technologies, such as augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) products and services for the firm’s museum and experience center clients. Qubix has completed more than 1,600 projects in its 35-year history, and has become more successful in recent times, with the business more than doubling its annual gross revenue each year from 2015 to 2019.
Inefficient financials a turn-off
Qubix initially updated its financial records in QuickBooks, which it found to have limited internal controls over business processes—such as purchase order approvals and sales orders—and audit trail features. As it expanded, Qubix stored multiple versions of its inventory and customer data in various corners of QuickBooks, preventing leadership from getting an accurate view of overall business performance and from identifying potential growth or improvement areas quickly.
Switching on the time-savers
Qubix deployed NetSuite ERP in 90 days. Now, with integrated financial and inventory data, the team generates invoices and approves purchase orders five times faster than before—and ships orders within a few hours, compared to three to four days previously. With real-time financial data about its 10 locations, Qubix now reallocates employees from underperforming markets to more profitable ones.
Amplifying success
In the near future, Qubix plans to use NetSuite to automate the entire order-to-cash process and better control inventory for its online store. This will leave the company poised to maintain its stellar customer experience while expanding into new regions.


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