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PE Firm Creates Value Through People and Products

Formed in 2014, ParkerGale has made a name for itself in private equity by acquiring bootstrapped, founder-owned technology companies and carve-outs of divisions from large corporations. The Chicago-based firm draws from decades of experience in technology and finance and, as a buyout fund, always acquires a majority of the companies in which they invest. Over the last 10 years, the firm has acquired thirteen software companies and currently manages over $600 million.




Chicago, Ill.


Private Equity




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“We’re buying smaller companies but selling to bigger private equity firms or big strategics. We’re like the Property Brothers when we sell a company, it has to be in enterprise-class shape.” Jim Milbery, Founding Partner, ParkerGale

Solving Complexity Through Standardization

Four pillars to value creation
ParkerGale’s approach to value creation depends on adding new team members and developing existing employees, implementing modern software systems, enhancing a company’s go-to-market strategy, and focusing product development and product management.
Complexity multiplied
ParkerGale’s portfolio companies, typically with $10-$25 million in revenue, often have basic back-office software running on QuickBooks with founders more focused on developing new products. This lack of investment in infrastructure often creates significant complexity as these companies begin to scale.
Bringing enterprise-class software to portfolio companies
Upon acquiring a portfolio company, ParkerGale replaces existing back-office accounting systems with NetSuite. With an enterprise-class system that can grow with the business as well as provide the detailed information into revenue recognition, complex billing and mitigate risk, the firm is in a position to help support growth, improve transparency, and create more actionable data and analytics.
Predictable implementations, better recruiting
Implementing the same financial system at multiple portfolio companies as well as at its own headquarters, the process is now predictable, enabling ParkerGale to onboard new acquisitions more quickly. Additionally, NetSuite serves as a recruiting tool for new portfolio company finance talent seeking to work with a modern finance system.


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