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Noonday Collection Grows Unique Fair Trade, Direct Sales Jewelry Business 5,512% with NetSuite

When Jessica Honegger hosted a trunk show back in 2010 selling a Ugandan artisan’s jewelry to support her son’s adoption from Rwanda, she scarcely imagined that she’d need more than Excel to manage funds. But demand for the jewelry encouraged her to partner with her friend Travis Wilson to build a company and fulfill a long-simmering desire—to provide sustainable income to women globally through entrepreneurship. As the bootstrapped, fair trade, direct sales jewelry business crossed the $1 million mark, it was clear to Wilson that QuickBooks couldn’t keep up with where they were taking Noonday Collection.


Noonday Collection


Austin, Texas


Wholesale distribution




$15 million

Number of USERS




NetSuite Product Implemented

NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Midmarket Edition


NetSuite Professional Services

“NetSuite enabled us to grow seamlessly from a $1 million company to a $15 million company, and we continue to invest in and around it as we prepare to grow into the future.” Travis Wilson, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Noonday Collection

Flexible system matches limitless potential for Noonday Collection


NetSuite as core

On recommendations from industry peers, Noonday Collection implemented NetSuite in 2014 to run financial, inventory and order management processes, swayed by its robust controls, ease of customization and integration. NetSuite manages 300 SKUs and 25,000 orders a month from over 1,500 independent sales reps—known as Noonday Ambassadors—selling the handiwork of more than 4,000 artisans.


Revenue skyrockets

Since implementing NetSuite, Noonday Collection has grown from $4 million in revenue to over $16 million, fueled by efficient operations and insight into key business indicators—such as profitability by reps and products—that enable accurate forecasting and smart growth.


Flexible system matches limitless potential

Noonday Collection will continue to build out NetSuite as the core of its business, leveraging NetSuite partner Bridgepoint Consulting and the SuiteCloud development platform to enable key integrations that will enhance usability for Ambassadors and artisans, and empower mission-driven, sustainable growth that has in just six years impacted 20,000 families globally.


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