New Owners of Journelle Reverse Company's Fortunes With SuitePeople

When Guido Campello and Sapna Palep acquired luxury lingerie retailer Journelle in 2019, rescuing it from bankruptcy, the company's existing NetSuite ERP system was instrumental in turning things around. And, with a new administrative team and a goal to establish a consolidated technology stack, the new owners quickly identified the need to establish an HR operation backed by robust software—one that was also tied into the rest of its operational systems, especially finance.




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Excel (for PTO)


NetSuite OneWorld
NetSuite SuitePeople
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“SuitePeople has carried us to a point where no matter what happens, including a global pandemic, onboarding and offboarding are fluid.” Guido Campello, Co-CEO & Creative Director, Journelle

A new look for HR for Journelle


Discovering an HR data mess

Journelle's new management immediately discovered issues with employee onboarding and offboarding. Data was handled in spreadsheets, making it difficult to track and manage. The process for managing PTO was a mess, completely untethered from payroll and finance. And employees made their desire for an HR department known. The company needed a fresh start.


Doubling down with NetSuite

Journelle's long history with NetSuite ERP encouraged the company's new leadership to double down. They deployed SuitePeople, NetSuite’s HR and payroll solution, in early 2020. This made the year—with its staff reductions, furloughs and return to work—much more manageable.


A new look for HR

One person now completes Journelle’s HR tasks, instead of three. And managers now spend less time researching everyone’s PTO status, since it’s viewable in NetSuite Employee Centers. The company monitors workforce KPIs daily and often catches any payroll discrepancies same-day. Better compliance has reduced Journelle’s potential exposure, and so has HR reporting: The team uses SuitePeople’s preset fields for documentation in employee profiles, vs. piecing together details from various systems. Finally, anecdotal evidence suggests employees are happier.


Next up: SuitePeople performance management

Journelle's new owners intend for the company to serve as a template for three additional companies they launched last year—at which they’ll also deploy NetSuite. As the collective companies grow, Co-CEO Campello expects performance management in SuitePeople to emerge as his team’s next area of focus.


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