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Australian Restaurant Chain Finds Right Ingredients for Growth with NetSuite OneWorld

Guzman y Gomez


Guzman y Gomez


Sydney, Australia



Applications Replaced

MYOB, Excel


NetSuite OneWorld

"We've been able to manage significant growth while maintaining a five-person financial team. That's really a testament to the power of the NetSuite platform." Guzman y Gomez

Customer Success

  • NetSuite's integrated cloud solution has transformed business performance for the fast casual restaurant chain, allowing it to efficiently manage its financials, assets and core business processes.
  • Guzman y Gomez has improved end-to-end efficiency and visibility with NetSuite OneWorld, growing to 56 restaurants in Australia, one in Singapore and significant expansion planned throughout the region.
  • Amidst rapid growth, NetSuite OneWorld's financial reporting and financial consolidation capabilities allow Guzman y Gomez to continue to support the business with a five-person finance staff.
  • Sales have grown at least 50% year-over-year since Guzman y Gomez deployed NetSuite OneWorld in 2012.
  • NetSuite OneWorld's multi-language, multi-currency capabilities support transactions in the US and Australian dollar while facilitating international expansion.
  • NetSuite OneWorld financial capabilities automatically generate royalty and marketing levy invoices for franchisee partners and enables Guzman y Gomez to report on individual outlet performance, as well as conduct comparative business reviews.
  • Integration with ZuuS, a labor management system through NetSuite Partner InfinetCloud automates compliance with Australia's complex payroll requirements.
  • Flexibility of the SuiteCloud Development Network and a rich partner ecosystem, enabled Guzman y Gomez to integrate financials with a custom-built supply chain system, extend into construction management with its new restaurants and automatically generate royalty invoices, post sales each day and record stock movement through custom scripts.


  • Previous MYOB accounting software couldn't support rapid growth and reporting requirements, limiting strategic planning.
  • Data collection and reporting with previous standalone applications was difficult, time-consuming and prone to error.
  • Lack of visibility across a fragmented IT environment slowed business processes and jeopardized growth.


  • NetSuite's unified solution enables Guzman y Gomez to avoid standalone data silos and the hassle of integrating best-of-breed applications.
  • Multi-entity reporting in OneWorld enabled Guzman y Gomez to manage franchises and restaurants as separate accounts with cross-entity visibility.
  • NetSuite's modular architecture and customization capabilities have enabled Guzman y Gomez to continuously evolve the solution to meet business needs.

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