A Company Where the Constant is Change and Flexibility

EXRO is a Colombian company with more than 40 years of experience, who in 2014 divided its operation into two: a manufacturing part called Quimexcol and a distribution part called EXRO. Both companies focus on achieving efficiency in processes with energy saving solutions, environmental mitigation and continuous improvement in water quality. Water is their business.

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Our processes were optimized with NetSuite, generating alerts, KPIs and dashboards for each user. These changes have given us greater business agility. ”

William Atehortua

Director of Technology, EXRO

The Challenges of Business Growth

Recognized by its customers

According to a survey of its customers recently, EXRO is a company with very good support, high credibility and quality products. It is also an agile company, where processes can be changed quickly in search of greater efficiency.

Looking for a multi-company solution

By dividing the company in two in 2014, technological problems arose that management needed to solve. The old ERP did not integrate the two operations, and isolated processes of acquisition and production of inputs, as well as inventory management among others. They decided to choose NetSuite because it is the only 100% software in the cloud. They were looking for a solution with multiple locations, which did not depend a sole provider and was backed by a large technology company.

Never stopped working

The implementation of NetSuite was carried out in a transparent way for the users, there were no additional costs to those we agreed at the beginning. The platform and processes began to align with standards, increasing efficiency and care in the handling of information.

Looking to other countries

Among the company's future strategy is to expand its coverage in countries such as Peru and regions such as Central America. They want to continue demonstrating all the environmental benefits of water reuse to companies and are very committed to leaving a legacy for future generations.

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