EBSCO Publishing Builds International Business on NetSuite CRM+

EBSCO Information Services


EBSCO Information Services


Ipswich, Mass.


Media Publishing

Applications Replaced

Proprietary Applications


NetSuite CRM+

“Everyone on our team can submit a customer case that will be meaningful to everyone in the world.” EBSCO Information Services

Customer Success

  • Automated and guided sales processes saving thousands of managerial man-hours per year.
  • Lead quality and opportunity pipeline information improving both quantity and quality of sales calls.
  • Full visibility into all prospect and customer activity enhances results for high-value and special-needs clientele.
  • Powered expansion into corporate, medical and government markets as well as international growth worldwide.
  • Enhanced visibility into opportunity win/loss reasons improves insight into customer needs and pain points.
  • Gained greater understanding of sales representative skills and strengths, enhancing individual and team performance.


  • Proprietary applications limiting ability to grow into new markets.
  • Disparate data sources made analysis of sales and marketing activities cumbersome and inaccurate.
  • Previous CRM system did not provide detailed customer information down to market segment and geographic factors.
  • Team selling opportunities limited by lack of consistent data and collaboration tools.
  • Lacked a formal process for collaboration between sales, service and marketing teams to solve customer and prospect issues.


  • Hundreds of users now on NetSuite CRM+ for a 360-degree view of EBSCO Publishing customers.
  • Uniform NetSuite CRM+ database provides single source of information for all sales activities.
  • Structured customer information, sales activity and opportunity tracking enables consistent and efficient sales organization.
  • NetSuite case management ensures sales, marketing and service personnel can quickly and easily collaborate on opportunities and issues.
  • Standardized sales processes across all worldwide offices enable EBSCO Publishing to act as an integrated global enterprise.
  • Role-based dashboards enable coordinated team selling.

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