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Beyond The Rack


Beyond The Rack


Montreal, Quebec, Canada



Applications Replaced

QuickBooks, Internal Development


NetSuite OneWorld

“NetSuite made the technical aspects of our implementation ridiculously easy, and were valuable partners in helping us understand our requirements and processes. If we had selected a lighter-weight system, we would never have gotten off the ground, and if we had paid for a conventional on-premise ERP system, we would not have survived long enough to implement it.” Beyond The Rack

Customer Success

  • Order processing delays eliminated by NetSuite OneWorld.
  • NetSuite OneWorld provides seamless multi-location inventory management, creating clear visibility into rapidly-changing stock levels.
  • Fully-integrated customer and inventory model enables Beyond The Rack to understand complete customer lifecycle and accurately measure margins.
  • NetSuite OneWorld simplifies process of adding hundreds of new products daily, freeing resources for further growth and expansion.
  • Future-proof, worry-free cloud availability of NetSuite OneWorld keeps processes running smoothly even during 100-fold traffic spikes caused by sales.


  • Beyond The Rack added over 4 million customers since 2009 inception.
  • Intensely rapid growth putting strain on startup software, creating process delays and foreshadowing more serious errors to come.
  • Tremendous inventory turnover produces hundreds of new SKUs every day, creating significant inventory management challenges.
  • Startup systems were a loose aggregation of point solutions with no formal integration.
  • Growth-mode company wanted to avoid additional hiring for IT operations and system administration.
  • Disparate systems and distributed warehouses provided very little visibility, and no way to understand true profit and costs across multiple countries and currencies.


  • NetSuite OneWorld now manages all Beyond the Rack back-office processes.
  • NetSuite OneWorld CRM, inventory, and order management integrate seamlessly via SuiteTalk with custom Ecommerce front-end.
  • NetSuite Professional Services worked with Beyond The Rack to understand unique cashflow requirements of its high-turnover model, implementing processes to support complex chart of accounts.
  • Easy-to-use NetSuite OneWorld solution rapidly deployed to over 200 employees.

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