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To prevent ever finding themselves in a short squeeze, businesses trust Intangible Girl to run the numbers. Her superpowers? The ability to appreciate and assign value to anything (yes, even the intangibles) and vanquish Certified Public Abomination and his radical accounting rules. How does Intangible Girl do it?

Driving financial excellence for organizations through real-time visibility and insights. Processes like continuous accounting are sure to help. Here’s how to get started.

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Accounting Guide: AP, AR & More

Master the basics of recording transactions and closing the books.

Understanding Accounting Processes

Demystify the intricacies of finance with solid accounting processes.

Accounting Regulations, Compliance & Audits

Don’t be rattled by new rules or anxious about audits.

Accounting for Growth

Fostering growth with the right systems and processes.

Accounting Strategies

From cash flow to crisis management, accounting is embracing new responsibilities.

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