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Tecovas Puts Its Best 'Boot' Forward with NetSuite

By Jennifer Smith, GVP of Marketing, Oracle NetSuite
August 26, 2021

The team at Tecovas loves great cowboy boots. And it shows in everything they do.

Nowhere is that passion more evident than with Founder & CEO Paul Hedrick. After spending time as a consultant and investor in consumer brands, Hedrick founded Tecovas in 2015 with a goal to deliver affordable, high-quality cowboy boots directly to consumers — something that had never been done before.

Nearly six years later, Tecovas now operates more than a dozen stores across nine states and sells a broader — but still curated — array of western boots, apparel, and accessories.

As their business grew, so did the complexity of their operations, and to support growing customer demand and establish a platform for future growth, the Tecovas team upgraded their “startup-era” accounting and ERP systems to Oracle NetSuite. 

Redefining Western Wear with the Help of Tech

Western fashion is on the rise in pop culture, and Tecovas has been perfectly positioned to win with its focus on premier, but timeless cowboy boots that are just as appealing to the boot enthusiast as they are to the first-time buyer.

The brand’s love for craftsmanship, rich materials, and traditional styling helped Tecovas cultivate a loyal following. To continue building out its fan base and enhance the experience they offer to customers, the Tecovas team selected NetSuite.

Prior to NetSuite, Tecovas experienced challenges managing a complex inventory across its various stores, in addition to its large online business. With NetSuite, Tecovas had complete visibility and control over their inventory, business operations, and financial planning for the first time.

“NetSuite is the infrastructure that has allowed us to keep the pedal on the gas as we have scaled,” said Paul Hedrick, founder & CEO of Tecovas. “Data is everything and we rely on NetSuite for this. Without accurate, visible, and actionable inventory and planning data across our business, we would never become the truly omnichannel, customer-first brand that we aspire to be.”

Tecovas Relies on NetSuite to Expand Retail Footprint

At the beginning of 2020 when the pandemic hit the retail sector the hardest, Tecovas focused on its commitment to its customers by using that lull in demand to nurture its existing customer relationships and build on the community it had created.

That strategy paid off. Even among an incredibly tough year for most retailers, Tecovas opened eight stores, tripling its inventory locations.

With NetSuite, the Tecovas team have been able to unify financial and inventory data and with their entire operations linked together, they are now able to follow an inventory item receipt from the vendor bill all the way to a purchase order.

This visibility into their business, along with an acceleration in demand for cowboy boots, has helped them increase revenues by over 50% year-to-date in 2021. What’s more, much of that growth came from its in-store locations, demonstrating the success of its brick-and-mortar strategy even as so many businesses shift more of their sales online.

Building a Global Heritage Western Brand

Hedrick continues to invest in his commitment to grow the company and has already opened new stores in Charlotte, Nashville, and Aspen this year, with plans to end 2021 with around twenty stores.

As Tecovas expands, NetSuite will support its growing online and brick-and-mortar business and provide the insights needed to measure profitability and plan for future locations.

We’re excited to continue supporting Tecovas as it marches on its mission to become the most beloved heritage western brand in the world.

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