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How NetSuite Has hello Products Smiling for Joy

Jennifer Smith, VP of Communications, Oracle NetSuite
July 20, 2021

Over the past three years, hello Products, a naturally-friendly brand of personal care, became the fastest-growing oral care brand in the U.S.

Founded in 2012 by serial entrepreneur Craig Dubitsky, hello Products was born from his passion to make personal care natural, thoughtfully sourced, well-designed, fun and affordable; as Craig likes to say, hello is not for the 1%, but for the 100%.

The brand’s rapid growth has landed it in over 45,000 retail stores and a slew of ecommerce merchants and has seen Craig and his team launch their own website to connect directly with consumers. The hello Products team has used Oracle NetSuite to help manage their explosive growth and prepare for their exciting next chapter: hello was acquired by Colgate-Palmolive at the beginning of 2020, and in partnership, continues to expand category offerings as well as entrance into new markets.

hello Products Sets a New Standard for Oral Care

At the start of 2020, hello was already on the fast track to growth. In just 18 months, the brand had more than doubled its retail presence from 19,000 stores to 45,000, while simultaneously launching its own ecommerce website. It was tremendous growth for a startup with fewer than 30 people, as rapid expansions like this can often cripple a startup, especially if they are unprepared.

In the midst of this phenomenal growth, hello was hit with two additional changes – managing the impact of COVID-19, like every business owner at the time, and an acquisition by Colgate-Palmolive that broadened its resources and addressable market. During this critical period, the hello team experienced a dramatic surge in demand caused by ‘pandemic pantry loading’, which was driven by consumers paying more attention to self-care during long periods of quarantine and seeking more natural health products.

hello Products Matures Its Business Model with NetSuite

Implementing NetSuite just before its rapid retail footprint expansion allowed hello to scale seamlessly. Despite the surge in demand, NetSuite helped the hello team to effectively maintain inventory levels, fulfill rapidly changing orders from its range of retail and ecommerce partners, and support increased traffic from its ecommerce site which saw exponential year-over-year order growth.

As sales volumes increased, hello leaned on NetSuite for a full and integrated view into its financials, inventory, supply chain and warehouses. With a holistic look into its operations, the hello team was able to keep close track of their sell rate, full cash cycle from order received to delivery, and cut the time required for month-end close in half for its small but mighty finance team.

“Our team didn’t miss a beat over the last year, handling new business growth with flawless execution across our entire operations,” said Craig Dubitsky, friendly founder at hello and Chief Innovation Strategist at Colgate-Palmolive. “Having NetSuite as a technology partner has been invaluable for us, giving time back to our team to focus on doing what we’re obsessed with – accurately analyzing data, planning ahead with precision, and most importantly, making day-to-day magic that our customers get to experience in our finished products.”

A Brush with Greatness

The ambitions of Dubitsky and his team know no bounds – hello continues to find new opportunities to make improvements to all facets of their operations while staying true to the company’s “naturally friendly” mission. Just last October, it rolled out a new friendly dental pass program dedicated to making visits to the dentist way more affordable. This breakthrough offering opened up a new area of business for the company and positioned the brand as a thought leader and innovator in a very mature, traditional consumer packaged goods (CPG) category.

As hello continues to expand, the team will leverage NetSuite to stay lean and to gain the insights they need to successfully scale new projects across new categories and new geographies.

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