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Fast Forward

Right now, every organization has experienced some level of interruption to its normal business activity. As the economy begins to reopen, businesses need to take a hard look at their situations and start to plan for what’s next. What will the economy look like? How will industries be reshaped? How will customer expectations shift?

To help answer these questions we’re launching Fast Forward, a virtual event series featuring some of the brightest minds around. They’ll join us to give fresh ideas, prescriptive advice and maybe even some cheat codes to help you accelerate your plans.

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We have you covered. Past events are available On Demand and will be published 24 hours after each event.

The New Business Leadership Outlook: Planning, Forecasting and Taking Action in a Changing Business Environment

Stephen Dubner Goes Freakonomics on COVID-19: What Happens to Business When the Economy Re-opens?

In our inaugural event, Stephen Dubner, co-author of the legendary book and now podcast, Freakonomics, will present findings from his research on the impact COVID-19 is having on business and the economy. Especially how it’s changing the manufacturing, distribution and supply of goods.

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Secrets of Rockstar CFOs When the Music Matters Most

Secrets of Rockstar CFOs When the Music Matters Most

CFOs have never worked harder. They’re steering their organizations through the most difficult conditions businesses have likely ever faced by pulling financial and operational levers they never thought they’d have to pull, including ones they didn’t even know were there.

Join us for a special presentation of "Secrets of Rockstar CFOs," in which CFO Leadership Council Founder Jack McCullough shares his perspective on how CFOs can deliver value and lead through good times and bad.

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Customer Love in a Time of Coronavirus

Customer Love in a Time of Coronavirus

The coronavirus will be with us for the foreseeable future, so what will it take to thrive? As businesses begin the march back, they must reexamine what it means to be customer-focused. Christopher Lochhead and Eddie Yoon think they have the answer.

Join us for a special presentation by these two creative thinkers.

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7 Actions Businesses Need to Take as the Economy Reopens

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