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Mark Hurd

Mark Hurd

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Hurd has outlined growth acceleration, broadening of the product line and technology investment as Oracle’s goals for its acquisition of NetSuite. “We want to globalize and move NetSuite around the planet,” Hurd said at NetSuite’s SuiteWorld 2017 conference. “That means leveraging our data centers, leveraging our distribution, leveraging everything we have got to accelerate our strategy.” The strategic acquisition of NetSuite has helped expand Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud and increased customer satisfaction, as evidenced by the number of CFOs making the transition to ERP Cloud. Known for his predictions on the future of computing, Hurd is confident that businesses will continue to shift to the cloud. “You’re going to see 70 to 80 percent of our market begin to shift from the traditional outcomes to the cloud market,” he said during SuiteWorld 2017. “We didn’t spend $9.3 billion to disinvest in the business. Quite the opposite,” Hurd told SuiteWorld attendees. “We spent that money to invest in it, to drive it harder, to drive it faster, as part of a grander strategy for Oracle to lead this transformation in the cloud.” Recognizing the role NetSuite technology plays in extending Oracle’s global reach, Hurd adds, “We need to accelerate NetSuite’s expansion across the globe. We are going to invest in international expansion.”

At NetSuite’s SuiteConnect event during Oracle OpenWorld 2017, Hurd touched on how NetSuite’s SaaS offering is complementary to Oracle ERP Cloud, suitable for high-growth businesses as well as enterprise businesses. NetSuite’s new core HR offering for the modern workforce, NetSuite SuitePeople, will include Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service, marking the beginning of a tech crossover phase. NetSuite will also be able to integrate Oracle applications such as Oracle Analytics and Oracle Talent Management Cloud into its current partner network, allowing for “deeper and quicker NetSuite integrations,” according to Hurd.

Mark Hurd and Jim Mcgeever during SuiteConnect event
Mark Hurd and NetSuite EVP Jim McGeever at SuiteConnect.

A year later, at SuiteWorld 2018, Hurd followed up on his 2017 appearance by saying the NetSuite acquisition and integration has “gone exactly as we would want,” which has made Oracle’s leadership “simply ecstatic about [NetSuite’s] performance.” Hurd also noted the emerging opportunity of embedded artificial intelligence, as he expects to see “AI integrated into applications to solve specific business use cases,” rather than as a distinct application within larger suites of products.

Mark Hurd, Evan Goldberg and EVP Jim McGeever at SuiteWorld 2017
Mark Hurd, NetSuite CEO Evan Goldberg and EVP Jim McGeever at SuiteWorld 2017.

NetSuite and Oracle have worked together closely for many years, with NetSuite founder Evan Goldberg starting his career at Oracle. With some valuable business advice from Oracle chairman and CTO Larry Ellison, Goldberg started NetSuite with an early understanding of how cloud computing would impact the software business world. “A unified cloud suite was the starting point,” Goldberg told Forbes. “We wanted to solve our customers’ business problems wherever in the world they were.”

Like Goldberg, Hurd also recognized the revolutionary potential of a move to the cloud, echoing the sentiments of industry thought-leaders and analysts. His annual Oracle OpenWorld predictions have been shared year after year as businesses inevitably make the transition. “The move to the cloud is not just a technical thing; this is a business model, generational change about how we think about IT,” says Hurd. At Oracle OpenWorld 2018, Hurd anticipated AI technology will be an integral part of all cloud-based applications by 2025 and, partly as a result of this advancement, 60 percent of the IT jobs available in 2025 will be for roles that haven’t yet been invented. As technology advances, predictions like these will become more of a reality.

Mark Hurd at SuiteWorld 2017.
Mark Hurd discussing data at SuiteWorld 2017.

Mark Hurd has focused on the migration to cloud computing since joining Oracle in 2010 as president, bringing more than 30 years of management experience to the company. A member of the company’s board of directors, Larry Ellison named Hurd Chief Executive Officer of Oracle along with former Oracle CFO Safra Catz in 2014. Mark Hurd oversees corporate direction, strategy and multiple groups within Oracle’s workforce, including sales, consulting, alliances and channels, support, and marketing. He is also responsible for Oracle’s global business units for industries.

Mark Hurd regularly publishes articles on his website and has offered commentary on the latest topics and trends through Twitter. He has also co-written a 2004 book on business leadership in the technology industry. He has been recognized for his vision and accomplishments by a variety of technology publications and industry analysts. In 2007, Hurd was noted by Fortune magazine as one of their 25 Most Powerful People in Business. He has been named multiple times by Business 2.0 magazine as one of the 50 Who Matter. Hurd was featured several times in Barron’s Best CEOs lists. In 2008, the San Francisco Chronicle, one of the largest newspapers in Northern California, named him CEO of the Year. Mark Hurd is regularly mentioned in publications like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNBC and Fortune Magazine.

Beginning his career at NCR Corporation, Hurd became president in 2001 and was named Chief Executive Officer of NCR the subsequent year. After 25 years at NCR, he joined Hewlett-Packard as CEO, President and Chairman of the Board. Under Hurd’s tenure at Hewlett-Packard, the company outperformed Wall Street expectations with 22 quarters of growth, raising stock price and revenue. In addition to his business accolades while at NCR, Hewlett-Packard, and now Oracle, Hurd has also been recognized for his continued contributions to his alma mater, Baylor University. Hurd earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the university in 1979 which he attended on a tennis scholarship. He continues to support the tennis program at Baylor, assisting Baylor’s national championship tennis program through philanthropic donations to upgrade the facilities in the Hurd Tennis Building, a part of the Hurd Tennis Center. Mark Hurd currently serves on the Baylor Board of Regents where he is Vice Chair of the Executive Committee. In 2012, Hurd was honored with the 2012–2013 Baylor Legacy Award in recognition of his outstanding service and philanthropy.


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