Credit Card Refund

Internal ID: creditcardrefund

Supports Custom Fields


Internal ID Type nlapiSubmitField Label Required Help
account select false Account false Select the credit card account for this transaction. To set up a new credit card account, click New. For details about existing accounts, go to Setup > Accounts.
balance currency false Balance false NetSuite displays the balance in this account.
class select false Class false Select a class to associate with this transaction. To create a new class, select New. For details on existing classes, go to <_TABNAME=LIST_CLAS_> > <_TASKCATEGORY=LIST_CLASS_> > Classes
cleared checkbox Cleared false
cleareddate date Date Cleared false
createddate datetime false false
currency select false Currency false This field defaults to the currency associated with the selected vendor.
currencyname text false Currency false
currencysymbol text false Currency Symbol false
customform select false Custom Form true Select the custom form for this credit card transaction.
department select false Department false Select a department to associate with this transaction. To create a new department, select New. For details on existing departments, go to <_TABNAME=LIST_DEPARTMENT_> > <_TASKCATEGORY=LIST_DEPARTMENT_> > Departments.
entity select false Vendor true Select the vendor you are paying or the vendor who is crediting you for a previous purchase. To set up a new vendor, click New. For details about existing vendors, Lists > <_TASKCATEGORY=taskID_> Vendor.
entity_nexus_country text false Country false
entitynexus select false Nexus false
exchangerate currency2 false Exchange Rate true NetSuite displays the currency's exchange rate in this field. You can edit the exchange rate for this transaction only, or you can update the currency record with the exchange rate you enter here.
externalid text false ExternalId false
isbasecurrency checkbox false Base Currency false
lastmodifieddate datetime false false
location select false Location true Select a location to associate with this item. Select New to create a new location record. Go to Lists > Locations for details about existing locations.
memo text true Memo false If you want, type a memo to describe this credit card transaction. It will appear on reports.
nexus select false Nexus false
nexus_country text false Country false
postingperiod select false Posting Period true Select the period to which you want to post this credit card transaction. If a period is closed, you cannot post to that period.
subsidiary select false Subsidiary false
taxperiod text false false
taxpointdate date false Tax Point Date false
taxpointdateoverride checkbox false Override false
total currency false Amount false
trandate date false Date true NetSuite inserts today's date for the posting date of this credit card transaction. You can type or pick another date. What you enter here determines the date range in which this transaction appears on the Credit Card Register. You can select or enter custom date ranges on registers.
tranid text false Reference # false If required, type the transaction number from your credit card transaction. The maximum number of characters you can enter in this field is 45.
transactionnumber text false Transaction Number false If you use the automatic transaction numbering feature, this field displays To Be Generated. If you do not use the feature, enter a transaction number for this transaction.
trantype radio false Charge false If you are making a purchase, choose Charge. To record a credit to your account, choose Credit. After you save the transaction, you cannot change its type.
updatecurrency text false Update Currency false
usertotal currency false Amount false You can type the dollar amount of the transaction, but NetSuite updates the amount as you add or edit line items. If you choose Credit, credits appear as positive numbers.


expense - Expenses

Internal ID Type Label Required Help
account select Account true
amount currency Amount true
category text false
class select Class false
customer select Customer false
department select Department false
expenseitem integer Expense Item false
isbillable checkbox Billable false
line integer Line false
location select Location false
memo text Memo false
numrules integer Expense-Based Rules false

item - Items

Internal ID Type Label Required Help
amount currency Amount false
billvariancestatus text false
catchupperiod select false
class select Class false
customer select Customer false
deferrevrec checkbox false
department select Department false
description textarea Description false
id text false
isbillable checkbox Billable false
isvsoebundle text false
item select Item true
itemsubtype text Item subtype false
itemtype text Item Type false
line text false
linenumber integer Line Number false
linked text Linked false
location select Location true
matrixtype text Matrix Type false
options namevaluelist Options false
printitems text Print Items false
quantity float Quantity false
rate rate Rate false
rateschedule text false
vendorname text Vendor Name false

reimbursements - Reimbursements

Internal ID Type Label Required Help
id text false

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