This table includes data related to the Subscription Line record, which represents an individual item on a Subscription. All Subscription Lines require a parent Subscription.
The table's data is available only for accounts with the SuiteBilling feature enabled.


Name Type Length Precision Scale References In Description
billing_mode_id VARCHAR2 32 Billing mode ID
catalog_type VARCHAR2 10
date_created TIMESTAMP Date created
date_end TIMESTAMP End date
date_last_modified TIMESTAMP Date last modified
date_recurrence_start TIMESTAMP Recurring start date
date_start TIMESTAMP Start date
date_termination TIMESTAMP Termination date
discount NUMBER 18 8 Discount
is_discount_percentage VARCHAR2 3 Whether the discount is a percentage
is_include_in_renewal VARCHAR2 3 Whether the line is included in renewal
is_prorate_end_date VARCHAR2 3 Whether the end date is prorated
is_prorate_start_date VARCHAR2 3 Whether the start date is prorated
item_id NUMBER 39 0 item_id
Item ID
line_type VARCHAR2 50 Line type
period_amount NUMBER 20 2 Period amount
price_interval_group_id NUMBER 39 0 Price interval group ID
purchase_order_id VARCHAR2 138 transaction_id
Purchase order ID
quantity NUMBER 18 8 Quantity
recurring_amount NUMBER 20 2
sales_order_id NUMBER 39 0 transaction_id
Sales order ID
sales_order_line_number NUMBER 39 0 Sales order line number
status_id VARCHAR2 25 Status ID
subline_extid VARCHAR2 255 Subline external ID
subline_id NUMBER 39 0 Subline ID
subline_number NUMBER 39 0 Subline number
subscription_id NUMBER 39 0 subscription_id
Subscription ID
subscription_plan_line_id NUMBER 39 0 plan_line_id
Subscription plan line ID
usage_multiplier_line_id NUMBER 39 0 subline_id
Usage multiplier line ID

Primary key

PK Column Name

Foreign keys in this table

FK Name FK Column Name PK Table Name PK Column Name Key Seq
billing_subscription_lines_billing_subscription_lines_fk usage_multiplier_line_id Billing_subscription_lines subline_id 1
billing_subscription_lines_billing_subscriptions_fk subscription_id Billing_subscriptions subscription_id 1
billing_subscription_lines_items_fk item_id Items item_id 1
billing_subscription_lines_subscription_plan_lines_fk subscription_plan_line_id Subscription_plan_lines plan_line_id 1
billing_subscription_lines_transactions_fk purchase_order_id Transactions transaction_id 1
billing_subscription_lines_transactions_fk_2 sales_order_id Transactions transaction_id 1

Foreign keys referencing this table

FK Name PK Column Name FK Table Name FK Column Name Key Seq
Billing_subscription_lines_billing_subscription_lines_fk subline_id Billing_subscription_lines usage_multiplier_line_id 1
Subscript_line_price_intervals_billing_subscription_lines_fk subline_id Subscript_line_price_intervals subscription_line_id 1
Subscription_co_lines_billing_subscription_lines_fk subline_id Subscription_co_lines subscription_line_id 1
Subscription_line_revisions_billing_subscription_lines_fk subline_id Subscription_line_revisions subscription_line_id 1