Name Type Length Precision Scale References In Description
access_level VARCHAR2 10 Access level
activity_id NUMBER 39 0 Activity ID
assigned_to_id NUMBER 39 0 Assigned to ID
case_id NUMBER 39 0 Case ID
contact_id NUMBER 39 0 Contact ID
date_0 TIMESTAMP Date (GMT)
date_completed TIMESTAMP Date completed (GMT)
date_created TIMESTAMP Date created (GMT) holds the date created information for all activities except "note" type.
date_last_modified TIMESTAMP Date last modified (GMT)
entity_id NUMBER 39 0 Entity ID
memo VARCHAR2 4000 Memo. Long messages may be truncated. If you need a longer message, try joining the Message column from the Message table.
opportunity_id NUMBER 39 0 Opportunity ID
owner_id NUMBER 39 0 Owner ID
status VARCHAR2 12 Status
title VARCHAR2 457 Title
type_0 VARCHAR2 8 Activity type