The Other Custom Fields > Account custom field is available for the Accounts table.

Note: To obtain the subsidiaries for accounts, use the Account_subsidiary_map table.


Name Type Length Precision Scale References In Description
account_extid VARCHAR2 255 Account external ID
account_id NUMBER 39 0 Account ID*
accountnumber VARCHAR2 60 Account number
cashflow_rate_type VARCHAR2 10 Cash flow rate type
category_1099_misc VARCHAR2 60 1099-MISC category
category_1099_misc_mthreshold NUMBER 20 2 1099-MISC category
class_id NUMBER 39 0 class_id
Restrict to class
currency_id NUMBER 39 0 currency_id
Currency ID
date_last_modified TIMESTAMP Date last modified
deferral_account_id NUMBER 39 0 account_id
Deferral account ID
department_id NUMBER 39 0 department_id
Restrict to department
description VARCHAR2 25 Description
full_description VARCHAR2 60 Full description
full_name VARCHAR2 4000 Full name
general_rate_type VARCHAR2 10 General rate type
is_balancesheet VARCHAR2 1 Is balance sheet
is_included_in_elimination VARCHAR2 1 Include in elimination
is_included_in_reval VARCHAR2 1 Include in revaluation
is_including_child_subs VARCHAR2 3 Whether includes child subsidiaries
is_leftside VARCHAR2 1 Is debit
is_summary VARCHAR2 3 Whether is a summary account
isinactive VARCHAR2 3 Account is inactive
location_id NUMBER 39 0 location_id
Restrict to location
name VARCHAR2 93 Name
openbalance NUMBER 39 0 Opening balance
parent_id NUMBER 39 0 account_id
Subaccount of
type_name VARCHAR2 128 Type name
type_sequence NUMBER 39 0 Type sequence

Primary key

PK Column Name

Foreign keys in this table

FK Name FK Column Name PK Table Name PK Column Name Key Seq
accounts_accounts_fk deferral_account_id Accounts account_id 1
accounts_accounts_fk_2 parent_id Accounts account_id 1
accounts_classes_fk class_id Classes class_id 1
accounts_currencies_fk currency_id Currencies currency_id 1
accounts_departments_fk department_id Departments department_id 1
accounts_locations_fk location_id Locations location_id 1

Foreign keys referencing this table

FK Name PK Column Name FK Table Name FK Column Name Key Seq
Account_activity_accounts_fk account_id Account_activity account_id 1
Account_period_activity_accounts_fk account_id Account_period_activity account_id 1
Account_period_activity_pe_accounts_fk account_id Account_period_activity_pe account_id 1
Accounts_accounts_fk account_id Accounts deferral_account_id 1
Accounts_accounts_fk_2 account_id Accounts parent_id 1
Amortization_sched_lines_accounts_fk account_id Amortization_sched_lines account_id 1
Budget_accounts_fk account_id Budget account_id 1
Customers_accounts_fk account_id Customers default_receivables_account_id 1
Employees_accounts_fk account_id Employees def_acct_corp_card_expenses_id 1
Expense_accounts_accounts_fk account_id Expense_accounts expense_account_id 1
Expense_amortization_rules_accounts_fk account_id Expense_amortization_rules contra_account_id 1
Expense_plan_lines_accounts_fk account_id Expense_plan_lines deferred_expense_account_id 1
Expense_plan_lines_accounts_fk_1 account_id Expense_plan_lines expense_account_id 1
Global_account_map_accounts_fk_1 account_id Global_account_map destination_account_id 1
Global_account_map_accounts_fk_2 account_id Global_account_map source_account_id 1
Income_accounts_accounts_fk account_id Income_accounts income_account_id 1
Item_account_map_accounts_fk_1 account_id Item_account_map destination_account_id 1
Item_account_map_accounts_fk_2 account_id Item_account_map source_account_id 1
Opportunity_lines_accounts_fk account_id Opportunity_lines account_id 1
Posting_account_activity_accounts_fk account_id Posting_account_activity account_id 1
Posting_account_activity_pe_accounts_fk account_id Posting_account_activity_pe account_id 1
Revaluation_accounts_fk account_id Revaluation variance_account_id 1
Revenue_plan_lines_accounts_fk account_id Revenue_plan_lines deferral_account_id 1
Revenue_plan_lines_accounts_fk_1 account_id Revenue_plan_lines recognition_account_id 1
Revenue_plan_version_lines_accounts_fk account_id Revenue_plan_version_lines deferral_account_id 1
Revenue_plan_version_lines_accounts_fk_1 account_id Revenue_plan_version_lines recognition_account_id 1
Revrecschedulelines_accounts_fk account_id Revrecschedulelines account_id 1
Sales_reps_accounts_fk account_id Sales_reps def_acct_corp_card_expenses_id 1
Support_reps_accounts_fk account_id Support_reps def_acct_corp_card_expenses_id 1
Transaction_history_accounts_fk account_id Transaction_history account_id 1
Transaction_line_book_map_accounts_fk account_id Transaction_line_book_map account_id 1
Transaction_lines_accounts_fk account_id Transaction_lines account_id 1
Transaction_tax_detail_accounts_fk account_id Transaction_tax_detail account_id 1
Transactions_accounts_fk account_id Transactions acct_corp_card_expenses_id 1

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