altTagCaption string 0..1 Alt Image Tag F Alt text appears when users mouse-over images on your site and it should be as concise and descriptive as possible. Best practice is to use multiple terms separated by a comma. The Alt Image Text field accepts hyphenated terms and double quotes. For example: flat-screen, “home theater”, HD.
attachFrom FileAttachFrom 0..1 Attach From T In the dropdown, choose Computer to attach a file from your hard drive, or Web to attach a file by linking to it on the Internet.
bundleable boolean 0..1 Available for SuiteBundles F Check this box to include the file in a bundle. If you include this file in a bundle, clearing this box does not remove the file from the bundle. If you want to remove the file from a bundle, you have to update the bundle and remove the file.
caption string 0..1 Caption F Enter the name of this file as you want it displayed in your Web site.
class string 0..1 Select a class if you want to restrict the documents and images in this folder by class. To create a new class, go to Setup > Company > Classifications > Classes > New.
content base64Binary 0..1
createdDate dateTime 0..1
department string 0..1 Select a department if you want to restrict the documents and images in this folder by department. To create a new department, go to Setup > Classifications > Departments > New.
description string 0..1 Description F Enter a description for this file. This description only appears on the file record.
encoding FileEncoding 0..1 Character Encoding F
featuredDescription string 0..1 Featured Description F If you checked the Featured box, enter a featured description for this file. This description appears below the item's store display name on the Welcome page of your store or site. You can enter up to 999 characters of letters, numbers and basic HTML code.
fileSize double 0..1 The size of this file is shown here.
fileType MediaType 0..1
folder RecordRef 0..1 Folder T This is the folder your file is currently stored in. If you are adding a new file, the default folder selected is the last folder selected for uploading. You can select a folder, or click the Add button to create a new folder. Note that the Attachments to Send and Attachments Received folders are not available to select here. Attachment folders are system-generated folders used as repositories for files attached to email communications from within NetSuite. To use a file in an attachment folder, move the file to another folder.
hideInBundle boolean 0..1 Hide in SuiteBundle F Check this box if you want this file to not be viewable by those who install this file as part of a SuiteBundle. Note: You cannot hide Client SuiteScript in a bundle.
isInactive boolean 0..1 Inactive F Check this box to inactivate this record. When you check this, this file or folder will no longer appear on lists unless you check the Show Inactives box at the bottom of the Folders list.
isOnline boolean 0..1 Available Without Login F * Check this box if you want this file accessible externally. The file may be accessed with a URL that points to the file record. * Clear this box if you want the file only accessible to those who are logged in to NetSuite with permission to view file cabinet documents.
isPrivate boolean 0..1 Private Check this box to make the contents of this folder visible only by you.
lastModifiedDate dateTime 0..1
mediaFile RecordRef 0..1 Select File F Click Browse and find the file you want to upload to NetSuite. When you have selected the file, click Submit to upload the document.
mediaTypeName string 0..1 NetSuite enters the file's format in this field. Files extensions you can upload to NetSuite include Flash®, JPEG Image, Progressive JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, HTML, Plain Text, XML, Adobe® PDF, Microsoft® Word®, Rich Text Format, PostScript, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft PowerPoint®, ZIP, QuickTime Video, MPEG Video, and MP3 Audio.
name string 0..1 File Name T Enter a name for this file cabinet folder. You can use folders to organize the documents and images you store in your file cabinet. For example, if you are creating a folder to store human resources paperwork, you could enter Human Resources here.
owner RecordRef 0..1 Owner
siteCategoryList FileSiteCategoryList 0..1
siteDescription string 0..1 Site Description F Enter a brief description for this file. This description appears under the file's display name on catalog pages in your store or site. You can enter letters, numbers, and basic HTML code.
storeDisplayThumbnail RecordRef 0..1 Thumbnail F Select an image from your file cabinet you want to use as the thumbnail image for this file. This image shows with this file before a customer clicks the file for more information. Upload images at <_TABNAME=LIST_IMAGE_> > <_TASKCATEGORY=LIST_IMAGE_>. Click Add File in the Images folder. You can automatically resize images less than 5 megapixels in size at <_TABNAME=ADMI_IMAGERESIZE_> > <_TASKCATEGORY=ADMI_IMAGERESIZE_> > Image Resizing.
textFileEncoding TextFileEncoding 0..1 Character Encoding F Choose the proper character encoding for the file.
url string 0..1 URL F The URL path for the file. This is used when creating a link to the file, for example in an email template.
urlComponent string 0..1 URL Component F


externalId string
internalId string

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