The Entity Fields custom field is available for the Vendors table.


Name Type Length Precision Scale References In Description
accountnumber VARCHAR2 99 Account number
altemail VARCHAR2 254 Alt email
altphone VARCHAR2 100 Alt phone
billaddress VARCHAR2 999 Billing address
billing_class_id NUMBER 39 0 Billing Class ID
city VARCHAR2 50 City
comments VARCHAR2 4000 Comments
companyname VARCHAR2 83 Company name
country VARCHAR2 50 Country
create_date TIMESTAMP Create date (GMT)
creditlimit NUMBER 20 2 Credit limit
currency_id NUMBER 39 0 Currency ID
date_last_modified TIMESTAMP Date last modified
email VARCHAR2 254 Email
expense_account_id NUMBER 39 0 Expense account ID
fax VARCHAR2 100 Fax
full_name VARCHAR2 1800 Full name
home_phone VARCHAR2 100 Home phone
incoterm VARCHAR2 100 International commercial term (Incoterm)
is_person VARCHAR2 3 Type (company or individual)
is1099eligible VARCHAR2 3 1099 eligible
isemailhtml VARCHAR2 3 Email as HTML
isemailpdf VARCHAR2 3 Email as PDF
isinactive VARCHAR2 3 Vendor is inactive
labor_cost NUMBER 39 0 Cost of labor
last_modified_date TIMESTAMP Last modified date (GMT)
line1 VARCHAR2 150 Address line 1
line2 VARCHAR2 150 Address line 2
line3 VARCHAR2 150 Address line 3
loginaccess VARCHAR2 3 Login access
mobile_phone VARCHAR2 100 Mobile phone
name VARCHAR2 83 Name
openbalance NUMBER 39 0 Vendor's current accounts payable balance in base currency due
openbalance_foreign NUMBER 39 0 Vendor's current accounts payable balance in foreign currency due
payables_account_id NUMBER 39 0 Default account payables account for this vendor
payment_terms_id NUMBER 39 0 Payment terms ID
phone VARCHAR2 100 Phone
printoncheckas VARCHAR2 83 Print on checks as
purchaseorderamount NUMBER 20 2 Purchase order amount
purchaseorderquantity NUMBER 18 8 Purchase order quantity
purchaseorderquantitydiff NUMBER 18 8 Purchase order quantity difference
receiptamount NUMBER 20 2 Receipt amount
receiptquantity NUMBER 18 8 Receipt quantity
receiptquantitydiff NUMBER 18 8 Receipt quantity difference
represents_subsidiary_id NUMBER 39 0 subsidiary_id
shipaddress VARCHAR2 999 Shipping address
state VARCHAR2 50 Province/state
subsidiary NUMBER 39 0 subsidiary_id
taxidnum VARCHAR2 25 Tax ID
time_approver_id NUMBER 39 0 employee_id
unbilled_orders NUMBER 39 0 Total amount of orders unbilled in base currency
unbilled_orders_foreign NUMBER 39 0 Total amount of orders unbilled in foreign currency
url VARCHAR2 100 URL
vendor_extid VARCHAR2 255 Vendor external ID
vendor_id NUMBER 39 0 Vendor ID
vendor_type_id NUMBER 39 0 vendor_type_id
Vendor type ID. Note: On the vendor record this column displays as a Category. "Type" is used for the entity type on the Vendor Form. The column "vendor_category_id" does not exist for the Connect Service.
zipcode VARCHAR2 36 Zip code

Primary key

PK Column Name

Foreign keys in this table

FK Name FK Column Name PK Table Name PK Column Name Key Seq
vendors_employees_fk time_approver_id Employees employee_id 1
vendors_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary Subsidiaries subsidiary_id 1
vendors_subsidiaries_fk_2 represents_subsidiary_id Subsidiaries subsidiary_id 1
vendors_vendor_types_fk vendor_type_id Vendor_types vendor_type_id 1

Foreign keys referencing this table

FK Name PK Column Name FK Table Name FK Column Name Key Seq
Item_vendor_map_vendors_fk vendor_id Item_vendor_map vendor_id 1
Item_vendor_pricing_vendors_fk vendor_id Item_vendor_pricing vendor_id 1
Vendor_subsidiary_map_vendors_fk vendor_id Vendor_subsidiary_map vendor_id 1