The Transaction Column Fields custom field is available for the Transaction Lines table.

Important: Credit and debit amounts are not exposed as columns in the Transaction Lines table. However, you can query this table to obtain transaction credit and debit amounts.
Important: Dates and times exposed in the date_last_modified column may be incorrect. For accurate date and time information, include the date_last_modified_gmt column in your query of TRANSACTION_LINES.
Note: To obtain landed cost category names, you can include the memo column in your query of TRANSACTION_LINES. For each line where is_landed_cost is set to True, text is written to this column in the format <Landed Cost Category Name>:<Item Name>.

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Name Type Length Precision Scale References In Description
account_id NUMBER 39 0 account_id
Account ID
alt_sales_amount NUMBER 20 2 Alt sales amount
amortization_residual VARCHAR2 42 Amortization residual
amount NUMBER 20 2 Amount
amount_foreign NUMBER 20 2 Foreign currency amount
amount_foreign_linked NUMBER 30 15 Foreign currency amount linked
amount_linked NUMBER 20 2 Amount linked
amount_pending NUMBER 20 2 Amount pending
amount_settlement NUMBER 20 2 Amount settlement
amount_taxable NUMBER 20 2 Amount taxable
amount_taxed NUMBER 20 2 Amount taxed
bill_variance_status VARCHAR2 50 Bill variance status
billing_schedule_id NUMBER 39 0 billing_schedule_id
Billing schedule ID
bom_quantity NUMBER 12 5 Bom quantity
catch_up_period_id NUMBER 39 0 Catch-up period ID
charge_type NUMBER 39 0 Charge type
class_id NUMBER 39 0 Class ID
company_id NUMBER 39 0 Company ID
component_id NUMBER 39 0 Component ID
component_yield NUMBER 39 0 Component yield
cost_estimate_type VARCHAR2 200 Cost estimate type
date_cleared TIMESTAMP Date cleared
date_closed TIMESTAMP Date closed
date_created TIMESTAMP
date_last_modified TIMESTAMP Date last modified (Values exposed in this column may be inaccurate. Use date_last_modified_gmt instead.)
date_last_modified_gmt TIMESTAMP Date last modified in GMT format
date_revenue_committed TIMESTAMP Date revenue committed
delay_rev_rec VARCHAR2 3 Delay revenue recognition
department_id NUMBER 39 0 Department ID
do_not_display_line VARCHAR2 3 Do not display line
do_not_print_line VARCHAR2 3 Do not print line
do_restock VARCHAR2 3 Do restock
estimated_cost NUMBER 20 2 Estimated cost
estimated_cost_foreign NUMBER 20 2 Estimated cost in foreign currency
expected_receipt_date TIMESTAMP Expected receipt date
expense_category_id NUMBER 39 0 Expense category ID
gl_number VARCHAR2 80 GL number
gl_sequence VARCHAR2 31 GL sequence
gl_sequence_id NUMBER 39 0 GL sequence ID
gross_amount NUMBER 39 0 Gross amount
has_cost_line VARCHAR2 3 Has cost line
is_allocation VARCHAR2 1 Is allocation
is_amortization_rev_rec VARCHAR2 3 Is amortization revenue recognition
is_commitment_confirmed VARCHAR2 3 Is commitment confirmed
is_cost_line VARCHAR2 3 Is cost line
is_exclude_from_rate_request VARCHAR2 3 Is excluded from rate request
is_fx_variance VARCHAR2 3 Whether is foreign exchange variance
is_item_value_adjustment VARCHAR2 3 Is item value adjustment
is_landed_cost VARCHAR2 3 Boolean indicating whether line is a landed cost(See note below regarding landed cost category.)
is_scrap VARCHAR2 3 Is scrap
is_vsoe_allocation_line VARCHAR2 3 Line is VSOE allocation
isbillable VARCHAR2 3 Billable
iscleared VARCHAR2 3 Is cleared
isnonreimbursable VARCHAR2 3 Is non-reinbursable
istaxable VARCHAR2 3 Taxable
item_count NUMBER 18 8 Item count
item_id NUMBER 39 0 Item ID
item_received VARCHAR2 3 Item received
item_source VARCHAR2 30 Item source
item_unit_price VARCHAR2 42 Item unit price
kit_part_number NUMBER 39 0 Kit name/number
landed_cost_source_line_id NUMBER 38 0 transaction_line_id for the transaction to which this landed cost line is attached
location_id NUMBER 39 0 Location ID
match_bill_to_receipt VARCHAR2 1 Match bill to receipt
memo VARCHAR2 4000 Memo
needs_revenue_element VARCHAR2 3 Needs revenue element
net_amount NUMBER 39 0 Net amount
net_amount_foreign NUMBER 39 0 Net amount in foreign currency
non_posting_line VARCHAR2 3 Non posting line
number_billed NUMBER 18 8 Number billed
operation_sequence_number NUMBER 39 0 Operation sequence number
order_priority NUMBER 20 2 Order priority
payment_method_id NUMBER 39 0 Payment method ID
payroll_item_id NUMBER 39 0 Payroll item ID
payroll_wage_base_amount NUMBER 20 2 Payroll wage base amount
payroll_year_to_date_amount NUMBER 20 2 Payroll YTD amount
period_closed TIMESTAMP Period closed
price_type_id NUMBER 39 0 Price type ID
project_task_id NUMBER 39 0 Project task ID
purchase_contract_id NUMBER 39 0 Purchase contract ID
quantity_committed NUMBER 30 15 Quantity committed
quantity_packed NUMBER 18 8 Quantity packed
quantity_picked NUMBER 18 8 Quantity picked
quantity_received_in_shipment NUMBER 18 8 Quantity received in shipment
receivebydate TIMESTAMP Receive by date
reimbursement_type VARCHAR2 41 Reimbursement type
rev_rec_end_date TIMESTAMP Revenue recognition end date
rev_rec_rule_id NUMBER 39 0 Revenue recognition rule ID
rev_rec_start_date TIMESTAMP Revenue recognition start date
revenue_element_id NUMBER 39 0 Revenue element ID
schedule_id NUMBER 39 0 Revenue recognition schedule ID or amortization schedule ID
shipdate TIMESTAMP Ship date
shipment_received TIMESTAMP Shipment received
shipping_group_id NUMBER 39 0 shipping_group_id
Shipping group ID
subscription_line_id NUMBER 39 0 Subscription line ID
subsidiary_id NUMBER 39 0 Subsidiary ID
tax_item_id NUMBER 39 0 Tax item ID
tax_type VARCHAR2 64 Tax type
term_in_months NUMBER 39 0 Term in months
tobeemailed VARCHAR2 3 To be emailed
tobefaxed VARCHAR2 3 To be faxed
tobeprinted VARCHAR2 3 To be printed
transaction_discount_line VARCHAR2 3 Transaction discount line
transaction_id NUMBER 39 0 transaction_id
Transaction ID
transaction_line_id NUMBER 39 0 Transaction line ID
transaction_order NUMBER 39 0 Transaction order
transfer_order_item_line NUMBER 39 0 Transfer order item line
transfer_order_line_type VARCHAR2 25 Transfer order line type
unique_key NUMBER 39 0
unit_cost_override NUMBER 30 15 Unit cost override
unit_of_measure_id NUMBER 39 0 Unit of measure ID
vsoe_allocation NUMBER 20 2 VSOE allocation
vsoe_amt NUMBER 20 2 VSOE amount
vsoe_deferral VARCHAR2 28 VSOE deferral
vsoe_delivered VARCHAR2 3 VSOE delivered
vsoe_discount VARCHAR2 12 VSOE discount
vsoe_price NUMBER 30 15 VSOE price

Primary key (Composite)

PK Column Name

Foreign keys in this table

FK Name FK Column Name PK Table Name PK Column Name Key Seq
transaction_lines_accounts_fk account_id Accounts account_id 1
transaction_lines_billing_schedule_descriptions_fk billing_schedule_id Billing_schedule_descriptions billing_schedule_id 1
transaction_lines_transaction_shipping_groups_fk transaction_id Transaction_shipping_groups transaction_id 1
transaction_lines_transaction_shipping_groups_fk shipping_group_id Transaction_shipping_groups shipping_group_id 2
transaction_lines_transactions_fk transaction_id Transactions transaction_id 1

Foreign keys referencing this table

FK Name PK Column Name FK Table Name FK Column Name Key Seq
Notes_system_custom_transaction_lines_fk transaction_id Notes_system_custom line_transaction_id 1
Notes_system_custom_transaction_lines_fk transaction_line_id Notes_system_custom line_id 2
Notes_system_transaction_lines_fk transaction_id Notes_system line_transaction_id 1
Notes_system_transaction_lines_fk transaction_line_id Notes_system line_id 2
System_notes_custom_transaction_lines_fk transaction_id System_notes_custom line_transaction_id 1
System_notes_custom_transaction_lines_fk transaction_line_id System_notes_custom line_id 2
System_notes_transaction_lines_fk transaction_id System_notes line_transaction_id 1
System_notes_transaction_lines_fk transaction_line_id System_notes line_id 2
Transaction_line_book_map_transaction_lines_fk transaction_id Transaction_line_book_map transaction_id 1
Transaction_line_book_map_transaction_lines_fk transaction_line_id Transaction_line_book_map transaction_line_id 2
Transaction_links_applied_transaction_lines_fk transaction_id Transaction_links applied_transaction_id 1
Transaction_links_applied_transaction_lines_fk transaction_line_id Transaction_links applied_transaction_line_id 2
Transaction_links_original_transaction_lines_fk transaction_id Transaction_links original_transaction_id 1
Transaction_links_original_transaction_lines_fk transaction_line_id Transaction_links original_transaction_line_id 2
Transaction_tax_detail_transaction_lines_fk transaction_id Transaction_tax_detail transaction_id 1
Transaction_tax_detail_transaction_lines_fk transaction_line_id Transaction_tax_detail transaction_line_id 2

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