The Other > Subsidiary custom field is available for the Subsidiaries table.


Name Type Length Precision Scale References In Description
address VARCHAR2 999 Subsidiary address
address1 VARCHAR2 150 Address line 1
address2 VARCHAR2 150 Address line 2
base_currency_id NUMBER 39 0 Base currency ID
city VARCHAR2 50 City
country VARCHAR2 2 Country
date_last_modified TIMESTAMP Date last modified (GMT)
edition VARCHAR2 20 NetSuite edition
federal_number VARCHAR2 40 Federal tax ID
fiscal_calendar_id NUMBER 39 0 Fiscal calendar ID
full_name VARCHAR2 4000 Full name
is_elimination VARCHAR2 3 Whether elimination subsidiary
is_moss VARCHAR2 3 Whether the subsidiary uses the MOSS taxation scheme
isinactive VARCHAR2 3 Subsidiary is inactive
moss_nexus_id NUMBER 39 0 ID of the nexus that uses the MOSS taxation scheme
name VARCHAR2 83 Name
parent_id NUMBER 39 0 Parent subsidiary ID
purchaseorderamount NUMBER 20 2 Purchase order amount
purchaseorderquantity NUMBER 18 8 Purchase order quantity
purchaseorderquantitydiff NUMBER 18 8 Purchase order quantity difference
receiptamount NUMBER 20 2 Receipt amount
receiptquantity NUMBER 18 8 Receipt quantity
receiptquantitydiff NUMBER 18 8 Receipt quantity difference
return_address VARCHAR2 999 Return address
return_address1 VARCHAR2 150 Return address line 1
return_address2 VARCHAR2 150 Return address line 2
return_city VARCHAR2 50 Return address city
return_country VARCHAR2 50 Return address country
return_state VARCHAR2 50 Return address state
return_zipcode VARCHAR2 36 Return address postal code
shipping_address VARCHAR2 999 Shipping address
shipping_address1 VARCHAR2 150 Shipping address line 1
shipping_address2 VARCHAR2 150 Shipping address line 2
shipping_city VARCHAR2 50 Shipping address city
shipping_country VARCHAR2 50 Shipping address country
shipping_state VARCHAR2 50 Shipping address state
shipping_zipcode VARCHAR2 36 Shipping address postal code
state VARCHAR2 20 Subsidiary state
state_tax_number VARCHAR2 40 State tax ID
subsidiary_extid VARCHAR2 255 Subsidiary external ID
subsidiary_id NUMBER 39 0 Subsidiary ID
tran_num_prefix VARCHAR2 8 Transaction number prefix
zipcode VARCHAR2 36 Subsidiary postal code

Primary key

PK Column Name

Foreign keys referencing this table

FK Name PK Column Name FK Table Name FK Column Name Key Seq
Account_activity_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Account_activity subsidiary_id 1
Account_period_activity_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Account_period_activity subsidiary_id 1
Companies_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Companies subsidiary 1
Consolidated_exchange_rates_from_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Consolidated_exchange_rates from_subsidiary_id 1
Consolidated_exchange_rates_to_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Consolidated_exchange_rates to_subsidiary_id 1
Customers_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Customers subsidiary_id 1
Customers_subsidiaries_fk_2 subsidiary_id Customers represents_subsidiary_id 1
Employees_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Employees subsidiary_id 1
Expense_categories_subs_map_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Expense_categories_subs_map subsidiary_id 1
Global_account_map_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Global_account_map subsidiary_id 1
Item_account_map_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Item_account_map subsidiary_id 1
Item_subsidiary_map_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Item_subsidiary_map subsidiary_id 1
Item_vendor_map_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Item_vendor_map subsidiary_id 1
Item_vendor_pricing_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Item_vendor_pricing subsidiary_id 1
Opportunity_lines_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Opportunity_lines subsidiary_id 1
Partners_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Partners subsidiary 1
Posting_account_activity_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Posting_account_activity subsidiary_id 1
Role_subsidiary_map_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Role_subsidiary_map subsidiary_id 1
Subsidiary_class_map_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Subsidiary_class_map subsidiary_id 1
Subsidiary_department_map_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Subsidiary_department_map subsidiary_id 1
Subsidiary_location_map_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Subsidiary_location_map subsidiary_id 1
Support_incidents_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Support_incidents subsidiary_id 1
Vendor_subsidiary_map_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Vendor_subsidiary_map subsidiary_id 1
Vendors_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Vendors subsidiary 1
Vendors_subsidiaries_fk_2 subsidiary_id Vendors represents_subsidiary_id 1

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