The Transaction Column Fields custom field is available for the Opportunity Lines table.


Name Type Length Precision Scale References In Description
account_id NUMBER 39 0 account_id
Account ID
amount NUMBER 20 2 Amount
amount_foreign_linked NUMBER 30 15 Foreign currency amount linked
amount_linked NUMBER 20 2 Amount linked
amount_pending NUMBER 20 2 Amount pending
amount_taxable NUMBER 20 2 Amount taxable
amount_taxed NUMBER 20 2 Amount taxed
class_id NUMBER 39 0 class_id
Class ID
company_id NUMBER 39 0 entity_id
Company ID
date_cleared TIMESTAMP Date cleared
date_closed TIMESTAMP Date closed
date_last_modified TIMESTAMP Date Last Modified
department_id NUMBER 39 0 department_id
Department ID
do_not_display_line VARCHAR2 3 Do not display line
do_not_print_line VARCHAR2 3 Do not print line
expense_category_id NUMBER 39 0 expense_category_id
Expense category ID
gross_amount NUMBER 39 0 Gross amount
has_cost_line VARCHAR2 3 Has cost line
is_cost_line VARCHAR2 3 Is cost line
is_exclude_from_rate_request VARCHAR2 3 Is excluded from rate request
is_item_value_adjustment VARCHAR2 3 Is item value adjustment
isbillable VARCHAR2 3 Billable
iscleared VARCHAR2 3 Cleared
isnonreimbursable VARCHAR2 3 Is non-reimbursable
istaxable VARCHAR2 3 Taxable
item_count NUMBER 18 8 Item count
item_id NUMBER 39 0 item_id
Item ID
item_received VARCHAR2 3 Item received
item_unit_price VARCHAR2 42 Item unit price
kit_part_number NUMBER 39 0 Kit name/number
location_id NUMBER 39 0 location_id
Location ID
memo VARCHAR2 4000 Memo
net_amount NUMBER 39 0 Net amount
non_posting_line VARCHAR2 3 Non posting line
number_billed NUMBER 18 8 Number billed
number_revenue_committed NUMBER 18 8 Number revenue committed
opportunity_discount_line VARCHAR2 3 Opportunity discount line
opportunity_id NUMBER 39 0 Opportunity ID
opportunity_line_id NUMBER 39 0 Opportunity line ID
opportunity_order NUMBER 39 0 Opportunity order
payment_method_id NUMBER 39 0 payment_method_id
Payment method ID
payroll_item_id NUMBER 39 0 payroll_item_id
Payroll item ID
payroll_wage_base_amount NUMBER 20 2 Payroll wage base amount
payroll_year_to_date_amount NUMBER 20 2 Payroll YTD amount
period_closed TIMESTAMP Period closed
price_type_id NUMBER 39 0 price_type_id
Price type ID
quantity_received_in_shipment NUMBER 18 8 Quantity received in shipment
receivebydate TIMESTAMP Receive by date
reimbursement_type VARCHAR2 41 Reimbursement type
shipdate TIMESTAMP Ship date
shipment_received TIMESTAMP Shipment received
subsidiary_id NUMBER 39 0 subsidiary_id
Subsidiary ID
tax_item_id NUMBER 39 0 item_id
Tax item ID
tax_type VARCHAR2 64 Tax type
tobeemailed VARCHAR2 3 To be emailed
tobefaxed VARCHAR2 3 To be faxed
tobeprinted VARCHAR2 3 To be printed

Primary key (Composite)

PK Column Name

Foreign keys in this table

FK Name FK Column Name PK Table Name PK Column Name Key Seq
opportunity_lines_accounts_fk account_id Accounts account_id 1
opportunity_lines_classes_fk class_id Classes class_id 1
opportunity_lines_departments_fk department_id Departments department_id 1
opportunity_lines_entity_fk company_id Entity entity_id 1
opportunity_lines_entity_fk_2 related_company_id Entity entity_id 1
opportunity_lines_expense_categories_fk expense_category_id Expense_categories expense_category_id 1
opportunity_lines_items_fk item_id Items item_id 1
opportunity_lines_items_fk_2 tax_item_id Items item_id 1
opportunity_lines_locations_fk location_id Locations location_id 1
opportunity_lines_payment_methods_fk payment_method_id Payment_methods payment_method_id 1
opportunity_lines_payroll_items_fk payroll_item_id Payroll_items payroll_item_id 1
opportunity_lines_price_types_fk price_type_id Price_types price_type_id 1
opportunity_lines_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Subsidiaries subsidiary_id 1