The Transaction Body custom field is available for the Opportunities table.


Name Type Length Precision Scale References In Description
accounting_period_id NUMBER 39 0 accounting_period_id
Accounting period ID
action_item VARCHAR2 199 Action item
billaddress VARCHAR2 999 Billing address
closed TIMESTAMP Closed
company_status_id NUMBER 39 0 company_status_id
Company status ID
currency_id NUMBER 39 0 currency_id
Currency ID
date_last_modified TIMESTAMP Date Last Modified
email VARCHAR2 256 Email
end_date TIMESTAMP End date
expected_close TIMESTAMP Expected close
fax VARCHAR2 100 Fax
forecast_type VARCHAR2 300 Forecast type
is_tax_reg_override VARCHAR2 3
lead_source_id NUMBER 39 0 campaign_id
Lead source ID
memo VARCHAR2 4000 Memo
memorized VARCHAR2 3 Memorized
message VARCHAR2 999 Message
needs_bill VARCHAR2 3 Needs bill
partner_id NUMBER 39 0 partner_id
Partner ID
payment_terms_id NUMBER 39 0 payment_terms_id
Payment terms ID
probability NUMBER 6 2 Probability
projected_total NUMBER 20 2 Projected total
promotion_code_instance_id NUMBER 39 0 coupon_code_id
Promotion code instance ID
renewal TIMESTAMP Renewal
reversing_transaction_id NUMBER 39 0 transaction_id
Reversing transaction ID
sales_rep_id NUMBER 39 0 entity_id
Sales rep ID
shipaddress VARCHAR2 999 Shipping address
shipment_received TIMESTAMP Shipment received
shipping_item_id NUMBER 39 0 Shipping item ID
start_date TIMESTAMP Start date
status VARCHAR2 480 Status
tax_reg_id NUMBER 39 0 This field is no longer supported.
title VARCHAR2 200 Title
trandate TIMESTAMP Transaction date
tranid VARCHAR2 138 Check or document #
transaction_extid VARCHAR2 255 Transaction external ID
transaction_id NUMBER 39 0 Transaction ID
transaction_partner VARCHAR2 40 Transaction partner
transaction_type VARCHAR2 192 Transaction type
weighted_total NUMBER 39 0 Weighted total
win_loss_reason_id NUMBER 39 0 win_loss_reason_id
Win loss reason ID

Foreign keys in this table

FK Name FK Column Name PK Table Name PK Column Name Key Seq
opportunities_accounting_periods_fk accounting_period_id Accounting_periods accounting_period_id 1
opportunities_campaigns_fk lead_source_id Campaigns campaign_id 1
opportunities_company_status_fk company_status_id Company_status company_status_id 1
opportunities_coupon_codes_fk promotion_code_instance_id Coupon_codes coupon_code_id 1
opportunities_currencies_fk currency_id Currencies currency_id 1
opportunities_entity_fk sales_rep_id Entity entity_id 1
opportunities_partners_fk partner_id Partners partner_id 1
opportunities_payment_terms_fk payment_terms_id Payment_terms payment_terms_id 1
opportunities_transactions_fk reversing_transaction_id Transactions transaction_id 1
opportunities_winlossreason_fk win_loss_reason_id Winlossreason win_loss_reason_id 1