The Other > Location custom field is available for the Locations table.


Name Type Length Precision Scale References In Description
address VARCHAR2 999 Address
address_one VARCHAR2 150 Address one
address_three VARCHAR2 150 Address three
address_two VARCHAR2 150 Address two
addressee VARCHAR2 100 Addressee
attention VARCHAR2 150 Attention
city VARCHAR2 50 City
country VARCHAR2 50 Country
date_last_modified TIMESTAMP Date last modified
full_name VARCHAR2 4000 Full name
inventory_available VARCHAR2 3 Inventory is available
inventory_available_web_store VARCHAR2 3 Inventory is available in web store
is_include_in_supply_planning VARCHAR2 3 Whether is included in supply planning
isinactive VARCHAR2 3 Location is inactive
location_extid VARCHAR2 255 Location external ID
location_id NUMBER 39 0 Location ID
name VARCHAR2 31 Name
parent_id NUMBER 39 0 location_id
Sublocation of
phone VARCHAR2 100 Phone
return_address_one VARCHAR2 150 Return address one
return_address_two VARCHAR2 150 Return address two
return_city VARCHAR2 50 Return city
return_country VARCHAR2 50 Return country
return_state VARCHAR2 50 Return state
return_zipcode VARCHAR2 36 Return zip code
returnaddress VARCHAR2 999 Return address
state VARCHAR2 50 State
tran_num_prefix VARCHAR2 8 Transaction number prefix
use_bins VARCHAR2 3
zipcode VARCHAR2 36 Zip code

Primary key

PK Column Name

Foreign keys in this table

FK Name FK Column Name PK Table Name PK Column Name Key Seq
locations_locations_fk parent_id Locations location_id 1

Foreign keys referencing this table

FK Name PK Column Name FK Table Name FK Column Name Key Seq
Accounts_locations_fk location_id Accounts location_id 1
Employees_locations_fk location_id Employees location_id 1
Global_account_map_locations_fk location_id Global_account_map location_id 1
Item_account_map_locations_fk location_id Item_account_map location_id 1
Locations_locations_fk location_id Locations parent_id 1
Opportunity_lines_locations_fk location_id Opportunity_lines location_id 1
Posting_account_activity_locations_fk location_id Posting_account_activity location_id 1
Subsidiary_location_map_locations_fk location_id Subsidiary_location_map location_id 1

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