The Entity Fields custom field is available for the Entity table.


Name Type Length Precision Scale References In Description
address_one VARCHAR2 150 Address one
address_three VARCHAR2 150 Address two
address_two VARCHAR2 150 Address two
city VARCHAR2 50 City
country VARCHAR2 50 Country
create_date TIMESTAMP Create date (GMT)
date_last_modified TIMESTAMP Date last modified
email VARCHAR2 254 Email
entity_extid VARCHAR2 255 Entity external ID
entity_id NUMBER 39 0 Entity ID
entity_type VARCHAR2 12 Entity type
first_name VARCHAR2 32 First name
full_name VARCHAR2 1800 Full name
global_subscription_status NUMBER 39 0 Global subscription status
is_inactive VARCHAR2 3 Entity is inactive
is_online_bill_pay VARCHAR2 3 Enable Online Bill Pay
is_unavailable VARCHAR2 3 Is unavailable
last_modified_date TIMESTAMP Date last modified (GMT)
last_name VARCHAR2 32 Last name
login_access VARCHAR2 3 Login access
middle_name VARCHAR2 32 Middle name
name VARCHAR2 83 Name
notes VARCHAR2 4000 Notes
originator_id VARCHAR2 40 Originator ID
parent_id NUMBER 39 0 Parent ID
phone VARCHAR2 100 Phone
salutation VARCHAR2 30 Salutation
state VARCHAR2 50 State
subsidiary NUMBER 39 0 Subsidiary
unsubscribed VARCHAR2 1 Unsubscribed
zipcode VARCHAR2 36 Zip code

Primary key

PK Column Name

Foreign keys referencing this table

FK Name PK Column Name FK Table Name FK Column Name Key Seq
Campaign_subscription_statuses_entity_fk entity_id Campaign_subscription_statuses entity_id 1
Campaignresponse_entity_fk entity_id Campaignresponse entity_id 1
Campaignresponsehistory_entity_fk entity_id Campaignresponsehistory author 1
Campaigns_entity_fk entity_id Campaigns organizer_id 1
Caseescalationhistory_entity_fk entity_id Caseescalationhistory escalator_id 1
Caseescalationhistory_entity_fk_2 entity_id Caseescalationhistory entity_id 1
Contact_types_entity_fk entity_id Contact_types contact_id 1
Contact_types_entity_fk_2 entity_id Contact_types owner_id 1
Customers_entity_fk entity_id Customers converted_to_id 1
Customers_entity_fk_2 entity_id Customers converted_to_contact_id 1
Customers_entity_fk_3 entity_id Customers sales_rep_id 1
Customers_entity_fk_4 entity_id Customers parent_id 1
Entity_role_map_entity_fk entity_id Entity_role_map entity_id 1
Entityterritorymap_entity_fk entity_id Entityterritorymap entity_id 1
Messagerecipient_entity_fk entity_id Messagerecipient entity_id 1
Notes_system_custom_entity_fk entity_id Notes_system_custom company_id 1
Notes_system_custom_entity_fk_2 entity_id Notes_system_custom author_id 1
Notes_system_entity_fk entity_id Notes_system company_id 1
Notes_system_entity_fk_2 entity_id Notes_system author_id 1
Notes_user_entity_fk entity_id Notes_user company_id 1
Opportunities_entity_fk entity_id Opportunities sales_rep_id 1
Opportunity_lines_entity_fk entity_id Opportunity_lines company_id 1
Opportunity_lines_entity_fk_2 entity_id Opportunity_lines related_company_id 1
Support_incidents_entity_fk entity_id Support_incidents owner_id 1
Support_incidents_entity_fk_2 entity_id Support_incidents assigned_id 1
Support_incidents_entity_fk_3 entity_id Support_incidents company_id 1
Supportcasehistory_entity_fk entity_id Supportcasehistory employee_id 1
System_notes_custom_entity_fk entity_id System_notes_custom company_id 1
System_notes_custom_entity_fk_2 entity_id System_notes_custom author_id 1
System_notes_custom_entity_fk_3 entity_id System_notes_custom customfield_created_by_id 1
System_notes_custom_entity_fk_4 entity_id System_notes_custom customfield_modified_by_id 1
System_notes_entity_fk entity_id System_notes company_id 1
System_notes_entity_fk_2 entity_id System_notes author_id 1
Transaction_address_entity_fk entity_id Transaction_address created_by_id 1
Transaction_address_entity_fk_2 entity_id Transaction_address last_modified_by_id 1

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