The Entity Fields custom field is available for the Employees table.


Name Type Length Precision Scale References In Description
accountnumber VARCHAR2 4000 Account number
address VARCHAR2 999 Address
approvallimit NUMBER 20 2 Approval limit
approver_id NUMBER 39 0 employee_id
Approver ID
billing_class_id NUMBER 39 0 billing_class_id
Billing class
birthdate TIMESTAMP Birth date
city VARCHAR2 50 City
class_id NUMBER 39 0 class_id
Class ID
comments VARCHAR2 4000 Comments
country VARCHAR2 50 Country
create_date TIMESTAMP Create date (GMT)
date_last_modified TIMESTAMP Date last modified
default_job_resource_role_id NUMBER 39 0 job_resource_role_id
department_id NUMBER 39 0 department_id
Department ID
email VARCHAR2 254 Email
employee_extid VARCHAR2 255 Employee external ID
employee_id NUMBER 39 0 Employee ID
employee_type_id NUMBER 39 0 employee_type_id
Employee type ID
firstname VARCHAR2 32 First name
full_name VARCHAR2 1800 Full name
gender VARCHAR2 3 Gender
hireddate TIMESTAMP Hire date
initials VARCHAR2 3 Initials
is_in_payroll VARCHAR2 3 Is in payroll
is_job_resource VARCHAR2 3
isinactive VARCHAR2 3 Is inactive
issalesrep VARCHAR2 3 Sales rep
issupportrep VARCHAR2 3 Support rep
jobtitle VARCHAR2 100 Job title
labor_cost NUMBER 39 0 Labor Cost
last_modified_date TIMESTAMP Date last modified (GMT)
lastname VARCHAR2 32 Last name
lastreviewdate TIMESTAMP Last review date
line1 VARCHAR2 150 Address line 1
line2 VARCHAR2 150 Address line 2
line3 VARCHAR2 150 Address line 3
location_id NUMBER 39 0 location_id
Location ID
loginaccess VARCHAR2 3 Login access
middlename VARCHAR2 32 Middle name
name VARCHAR2 83 Name
nextreviewdate TIMESTAMP Next review date
phone VARCHAR2 100 Phone
releasedate TIMESTAMP Release date
salutation VARCHAR2 30 Salutation
socialsecuritynumber VARCHAR2 11 Social security number
state VARCHAR2 50 State
status VARCHAR2 100 Employee status
subsidiary_id NUMBER 39 0 subsidiary_id
Subsidiary ID
supervisor_id NUMBER 39 0 employee_id
Supervisor ID
work_calendar_id NUMBER 39 0 work_calendar_id
Work calendar ID
zipcode VARCHAR2 36 Zip code

Primary key

PK Column Name

Foreign keys in this table

FK Name FK Column Name PK Table Name PK Column Name Key Seq
employees_billing_classes_fk billing_class_id Billing_classes billing_class_id 1
employees_classes_fk class_id Classes class_id 1
employees_departments_fk department_id Departments department_id 1
employees_employee_types_fk employee_type_id Employee_types employee_type_id 1
employees_employees_fk approver_id Employees employee_id 1
employees_employees_fk_2 supervisor_id Employees employee_id 1
employees_job_resource_role_fk default_job_resource_role_id Job_resource_role job_resource_role_id 1
employees_locations_fk location_id Locations location_id 1
employees_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Subsidiaries subsidiary_id 1
employees_work_calendars_fk work_calendar_id Work_calendars work_calendar_id 1

Foreign keys referencing this table

FK Name PK Column Name FK Table Name FK Column Name Key Seq
Billing_rate_cards_versions_employees_fk employee_id Billing_rate_cards_versions last_modified_by_id 1
Employees_employees_fk employee_id Employees approver_id 1
Employees_employees_fk_2 employee_id Employees supervisor_id 1
Project_revenue_rules_employees_fk_1 employee_id Project_revenue_rules created_by 1
Project_revenue_rules_employees_fk_2 employee_id Project_revenue_rules last_modified_by 1
Vendors_employees_fk employee_id Vendors time_approver_id 1