The Entity Fields custom field is available for the Customers table.


Name Type Length Precision Scale References In Description
accountnumber VARCHAR2 99 Account number
alcohol_recipient_type VARCHAR2 32 Alcohol recipient type
allow_task_time_for_allocation VARCHAR2 3 Allow task time for allocation
altemail VARCHAR2 254 Alternate email address
alternate_contact_id NUMBER 39 0 contact_id
Alternate contact
altphone VARCHAR2 100 Alternate phone
amount_complete NUMBER 5 2 Amount complete
billaddress VARCHAR2 999 Billing address
billing_rate_card_id NUMBER 39 0 billing_rate_card_id
Billing rate card ID
billing_schedule_id NUMBER 39 0 billing_schedule_id
Billing schedule ID
billing_schedule_type VARCHAR2 60 Billing type
billing_transaction_type VARCHAR2 192 Billing transaction type
calculated_end TIMESTAMP Estimated end date
category_0 VARCHAR2 30 Status (Customer Stage)
city VARCHAR2 50 City
comments VARCHAR2 4000 Comments
companyname VARCHAR2 83 Company name
consol_days_overdue NUMBER 39 0 Consolidated days overdue
consol_deposit_balance NUMBER 39 0 Consolidated deposit balance
consol_deposit_balance_foreign NUMBER 39 0 Consolidated foreign currency deposit balance
consol_openbalance NUMBER 39 0 Consolidated balance
consol_openbalance_foreign NUMBER 39 0 Consolidated foreign currency balance
consol_unbilled_orders NUMBER 39 0 Consolidated unbilled orders
consol_unbilled_orders_foreign NUMBER 39 0 Consolidated foreign currency unbilled orders
converted_to_contact_id NUMBER 39 0 entity_id
Contact the lead was converted to
converted_to_id NUMBER 39 0 entity_id
Customer the lead was converted to
cost_estimate NUMBER 25 5 Cost estimate
country VARCHAR2 50 Country
create_date TIMESTAMP Create date (GMT)
credithold VARCHAR2 4 Credit hold
creditlimit NUMBER 20 2 Credit limit
currency_id NUMBER 39 0 currency_id
Currency ID
customer_extid VARCHAR2 255 Customer external ID
customer_id NUMBER 39 0 Customer ID
customer_type_id NUMBER 39 0 customer_type_id
date_closed TIMESTAMP Date closed (GMT)
date_convsersion TIMESTAMP Conversion from lead date (GMT)
date_first_order TIMESTAMP Date of first order (GMT)
date_first_sale TIMESTAMP Date of first sale (GMT)
date_gross_lead TIMESTAMP Gross lead date (GMT)
date_last_modified TIMESTAMP Date last modified
date_last_order TIMESTAMP Last sales order date (GMT)
date_last_sale TIMESTAMP Last sale (cash sale, invoice) date (GMT)
date_lead TIMESTAMP Lead date (GMT)
date_prospect TIMESTAMP Prospect date (GMT)
days_overdue NUMBER 39 0 Days overdue (GMT)
default_order_priority NUMBER 20 2 Default order priority
default_receivables_account_id NUMBER 39 0 account_id
Default receivables account
deposit_balance NUMBER 20 2 Deposit balance
deposit_balance_foreign NUMBER 39 0 Foreign currency deposit balance
email VARCHAR2 254 Email
expected_close TIMESTAMP Expected close date (start date on financial history subtab)
fax VARCHAR2 100 Fax
first_sale_period_id NUMBER 39 0 accounting_period_id
Accounting period of first sale (cash sale, invoice)
first_visit TIMESTAMP First visit
firstname VARCHAR2 32 First name
forecast_based_on_allocations VARCHAR2 3 Indicates whether the Use Allocated Time for Forecast switch is activated.
forecast_charge_run_on_demand VARCHAR2 3 Indicates whether the Forecast Charge Run on Demand switch is activated.
full_name VARCHAR2 1800 Full name
home_phone VARCHAR2 100 Home phone
is_exempt_time VARCHAR2 3 Exempt time
is_explicit_conversion VARCHAR2 3 Explicitly converted from lead
is_job VARCHAR2 3 Job
is_limit_time_to_assignees VARCHAR2 3 Whether only project resources assigned to the project can enter time and expenses for this project
is_person VARCHAR2 3 Type (company or individual)
is_productive_time VARCHAR2 3 Is productive time
is_project_completely_billed VARCHAR2 3 Is project completely billed
is_utilized_time VARCHAR2 3 Is utilized time
isemailhtml VARCHAR2 3 Email as HTML
isemailpdf VARCHAR2 3 Email as PDF
isinactive VARCHAR2 3 Customer is inactive
istaxable VARCHAR2 3 Taxable
job_end TIMESTAMP End date
job_start TIMESTAMP Start date
job_type_id NUMBER 39 0 job_type_id
Job type ID
labor_budget_from_allocations VARCHAR2 3 Labor budget from allocations
language_id VARCHAR2 30 Language ID
last_modified_date TIMESTAMP Last modified date (GMT)
last_sale_period_id NUMBER 39 0 accounting_period_id
Accounting period of last sale (cash sale, invoice)
last_visit TIMESTAMP Last visit
lastname VARCHAR2 32 Last name
lead_source_id NUMBER 39 0 campaign_id
Lead source ID
line1 VARCHAR2 150 Address line 1
line2 VARCHAR2 150 Address line 2
line3 VARCHAR2 150 Address line 3
loginaccess VARCHAR2 3 Login Access
middlename VARCHAR2 32 Middle name
mobile_phone VARCHAR2 100 Mobile phone
multiple_price_id NUMBER 39 0 Multiple price ID
name VARCHAR2 83 Name
openbalance NUMBER 20 2 Balance (on financial history subtab)
openbalance_foreign NUMBER 39 0 Foreign currency balance
parent_id NUMBER 39 0 entity_id
Child of
partner_id NUMBER 39 0 partner_id
Partner ID
payment_terms_id NUMBER 39 0 payment_terms_id
Payment terms
phone VARCHAR2 100 Phone
primary_contact_id NUMBER 39 0 contact_id
Primary contact
print_on_check_as VARCHAR2 83 Print on check as
probability NUMBER 6 2 Probability
project_expense_type_id NUMBER 39 0 project_expense_type_id
Project expense type ID
projected_end TIMESTAMP Projected end
referrer VARCHAR2 4000 Referrer
reminderdays NUMBER 39 0 Reminder days
renewal TIMESTAMP Renewal
represents_subsidiary_id NUMBER 39 0 subsidiary_id
Represents subsidiary ID
resalenumber VARCHAR2 20 Resale number
rev_rec_forecast_rule_id NUMBER 39 0 Revenue recognition forecast rule ID
rev_rec_forecast_template NUMBER 39 0 schedule_id
Template to use for revenue recognition forecast
revenue_estimate NUMBER 25 5 Revenue estimate
sales_rep_id NUMBER 39 0 entity_id
Sales rep ID
sales_territory_id NUMBER 39 0 territory_id
Sales territory ID
salutation VARCHAR2 30 Salutation
ship_complete VARCHAR2 3 Ship complete
shipaddress VARCHAR2 999 Shipping address
state VARCHAR2 50 State
status VARCHAR2 199 Status
status_descr VARCHAR2 199 Status description
status_probability NUMBER 6 2 Status probability
status_read_only VARCHAR2 3 Read only status
subsidiary_id NUMBER 39 0 subsidiary_id
Subsidiary ID
tax_item_id NUMBER 39 0 item_id
Tax item ID
third_party_acct VARCHAR2 32 Third party account
third_party_carrier VARCHAR2 64 Third party carrier
third_party_country VARCHAR2 6 Third party country
third_party_zip_code VARCHAR2 10 Third party zip code
time_approval_type_id NUMBER 39 0 project_time_approval_type_id
top_level_parent_id NUMBER 39 0 customer_id
Top level parent ID
unbilled_orders NUMBER 20 2 Unbilled orders
unbilled_orders_foreign NUMBER 39 0 Unbilled foreign currency orders
url VARCHAR2 100 Web address
use_calculated_billing_budget VARCHAR2 3 Use calculated billing budget
use_calculated_cost_budget VARCHAR2 3 Use calculated cost budget
use_percent_complete_override VARCHAR2 3 Use percent complete override
vat_reg_number VARCHAR2 20
web_lead VARCHAR2 3 Web lead
zipcode VARCHAR2 36 Zip code

Primary key

PK Column Name

Foreign keys in this table

FK Name FK Column Name PK Table Name PK Column Name Key Seq
customers_accounting_periods_fk first_sale_period_id Accounting_periods accounting_period_id 1
customers_accounting_periods_fk_2 last_sale_period_id Accounting_periods accounting_period_id 1
customers_accounts_fk default_receivables_account_id Accounts account_id 1
customers_billing_rate_cards_fk billing_rate_card_id Billing_rate_cards billing_rate_card_id 1
customers_billing_schedule_descriptions_fk billing_schedule_id Billing_schedule_descriptions billing_schedule_id 1
customers_campaigns_fk lead_source_id Campaigns campaign_id 1
customers_contacts_fk primary_contact_id Contacts contact_id 1
customers_contacts_fk_2 alternate_contact_id Contacts contact_id 1
customers_currencies_fk currency_id Currencies currency_id 1
customers_customer_types_fk customer_type_id Customer_types customer_type_id 1
customers_entity_fk converted_to_id Entity entity_id 1
customers_entity_fk_2 converted_to_contact_id Entity entity_id 1
customers_entity_fk_3 sales_rep_id Entity entity_id 1
customers_entity_fk_4 parent_id Entity entity_id 1
customers_items_fk tax_item_id Items item_id 1
customers_job_types_fk job_type_id Job_types job_type_id 1
customers_partners_fk partner_id Partners partner_id 1
customers_payment_terms_fk payment_terms_id Payment_terms payment_terms_id 1
customers_project_expense_types_fk project_expense_type_id Project_expense_types project_expense_type_id 1
customers_project_time_approval_types_fk time_approval_type_id Project_time_approval_types project_time_approval_type_id 1
customers_revrecschedules_fk rev_rec_forecast_template Revrecschedules schedule_id 1
customers_subsidiaries_fk subsidiary_id Subsidiaries subsidiary_id 1
customers_subsidiaries_fk_2 represents_subsidiary_id Subsidiaries subsidiary_id 1
customers_territory_fk sales_territory_id Territory territory_id 1
top_level_customer_fk top_level_parent_id Customers customer_id 1

Foreign keys referencing this table

FK Name PK Column Name FK Table Name FK Column Name Key Seq
Customer_currencies_customers_fk customer_id Customer_currencies customer_id 1
Project_revenue_rules_customers_fk customer_id Project_revenue_rules project_id 1
Top_level_customer_fk customer_id Customers top_level_parent_id 1