The Transaction Body Fields custom field is available for the Transactions table.

Important: Credit and debit amounts are not exposed as columns in the Transactions table. However, you can query the Transaction Lines table to obtain transaction credit and debit amounts. For more details, see Connect Access to Transaction Credit and Debit Amounts.


Name Type Length Precision Scale References In Description
account_based_number VARCHAR2 138 Account based number
accounting_book_id NUMBER 22 0 Accounting book ID
accounting_period_id NUMBER 22 0 Accounting period ID
amount_unbilled NUMBER 20 2 Amount unbilled
bill_pay_transaction VARCHAR2 3 Bill pay transaction
billaddress VARCHAR2 999 Billing address
billing_account_id NUMBER 22 0 Billing account ID
billing_instructions VARCHAR2 999 Billing instructions
bulk_submission_id NUMBER 22 0 Bulk submission ID
carrier VARCHAR2 100 Carrier
closed TIMESTAMP Closed
company_status_id NUMBER 22 0 Company status ID
contract_cost_amount NUMBER 20 2
contract_defer_expense_acct_id NUMBER 22 0
contract_expense_acct_id NUMBER 22 0
create_date TIMESTAMP Creation date (GMT)
created_by_id NUMBER 22 0 ID of the creator
created_from_id NUMBER 22 0 Created from ID
currency_id NUMBER 22 0 Currency ID
custom_form_id NUMBER 22 0 Custom form ID
date_bid_close TIMESTAMP Bid close date
date_bid_open TIMESTAMP Bid open date
date_last_modified TIMESTAMP Date last modified (GMT)
due_date TIMESTAMP Due date
email VARCHAR2 256 Email
end_date TIMESTAMP End date
entity_id NUMBER 22 0 Entity ID
entity_tax_reg_num VARCHAR2 30 Entity's tax registration number
exchange_rate NUMBER 30 15 Exchange rate
expected_close TIMESTAMP Expected close
external_ref_number VARCHAR2 138 External reference number
fax VARCHAR2 100 Fax
forecast_type VARCHAR2 300 Forecast type
include_in_forecast VARCHAR2 3 Include in forecast
incoterm VARCHAR2 100 International commercial term (Incoterm)
intercompany_transaction_id NUMBER 22 0 Intercompany transaction ID
is_autocalculate_lag VARCHAR2 3 Whether lag times for operation tasks should be calculated.
is_compliant VARCHAR2 3 Whether is compliant
is_created_from_merge VARCHAR2 3
is_finance_charge VARCHAR2 3 Is finance charge line
is_firmed VARCHAR2 3 Whether the transaction is in the Firmed status
is_intercompany VARCHAR2 3 Is intercompany
is_merged_into_arrangements VARCHAR2 3
is_non_posting VARCHAR2 3 Whether the transaction is non-posting
is_payment_hold VARCHAR2 3 Whether has a payment hold
is_tax_reg_override VARCHAR2 3 Whether a tax regulation override is applied
is_wip VARCHAR2 1 Is wip
item_revision NUMBER 22 0 Item revision
job_id NUMBER 22 0 Name / job ID
landed_cost_allocation_method VARCHAR2 8 Cost allocation method (for example: weight, quantity, or value)
last_modified_date TIMESTAMP Date last modified (GMT)
lead_source_id NUMBER 22 0 Lead source ID
location_id NUMBER 22 0 Location ID
memo VARCHAR2 4000 Memo
memorized VARCHAR2 3 Memorized
message VARCHAR2 999 Message
needs_bill VARCHAR2 3 Needs to be billed
needs_revenue_commitment VARCHAR2 3 Needs revenue commitment
number_of_pricing_tiers NUMBER 22 0 Number of pricing tiers
opening_balance_transaction VARCHAR2 3 Opening balance transaction
packing_list_instructions VARCHAR2 999 Packing list instructions
partner_id NUMBER 22 0 Partner ID
payment_terms_id NUMBER 22 0 Payment terms ID
pn_ref_num VARCHAR2 100 P/N reference number
probability NUMBER 6 2 Probability
product_label_instructions VARCHAR2 999 Product label instructions
projected_total NUMBER 20 2 Projected total
promotion_code_id NUMBER 22 0 Promotion code ID
promotion_code_instance_id NUMBER 22 0 Promotion code insurance ID
purchase_order_instructions VARCHAR2 999 Purchase order instructions
renewal TIMESTAMP Renewal date
revenue_commitment_status VARCHAR2 480 Revenue committed status
revenue_committed TIMESTAMP Revenue committed
revenue_status VARCHAR2 480 Revenue Status
reversing_transaction_id NUMBER 22 0 Reversing transaction ID
sales_effective_date TIMESTAMP Sales effective date (for commissions)
sales_rep_id NUMBER 22 0 Sales rep ID
scheduling_method_id VARCHAR2 15 Scheduling method ID
shipaddress VARCHAR2 999 Shipping address
shipment_received TIMESTAMP Shipment received
shipping_item_id NUMBER 22 0 Shipping item ID
start_date TIMESTAMP Start date
status VARCHAR2 480 Status
tax_reg_id NUMBER 0 0 Tax regulation ID. This field is no longer supported.
title VARCHAR2 200 Title
trandate TIMESTAMP Transaction date
tranid VARCHAR2 138 Check or document #
trans_is_vsoe_bundle VARCHAR2 3 Transaction is VSOE bundle
transaction_extid VARCHAR2 255 Transaction external ID
transaction_id NUMBER 22 0 Internal transaction ID
transaction_number VARCHAR2 138 Transaction number
transaction_partner VARCHAR2 40 Transaction partner
transaction_source VARCHAR2 4000 Source of transaction (name of web site if source is web store)
transaction_type VARCHAR2 192 Transaction type
transaction_website NUMBER 22 0 Numerical ID of source web site
transfer_location NUMBER 22 0 Transfer location
use_item_cost_as_transfer_cost VARCHAR2 3
visible_in_customer_center VARCHAR2 1 Visible in the Customer Center
weighted_total NUMBER 22 0 Weighted total

Primary key

PK Column Name

Foreign keys referencing this table

FK Name PK Column Name FK Table Name FK Column Name Key Seq
Amortization_sched_lines_transactions_fk transaction_id Amortization_sched_lines journal_id 1
Campaignresponsehistory_transactions_fk transaction_id Campaignresponsehistory transaction_id 1
Notes_system_custom_transactions_fk transaction_id Notes_system_custom transaction_id 1
Notes_system_transactions_fk transaction_id Notes_system transaction_id 1
Notes_user_transactions_fk transaction_id Notes_user transaction_id 1
Opportunities_transactions_fk transaction_id Opportunities reversing_transaction_id 1
Revrecschedulelines_transactions_fk transaction_id Revrecschedulelines journal_id 1
Transaction_address_transactions_fk transaction_id Transaction_address transaction_id 1
Transaction_book_map_transactions_fk transaction_id Transaction_book_map transaction_id 1
Transaction_lines_transactions_fk transaction_id Transaction_lines transaction_id 1
Transaction_links_applied_transactions_fk transaction_id Transaction_links applied_transaction_id 1
Transaction_links_original_transactions_fk transaction_id Transaction_links original_transaction_id 1

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