A recent article by Gartner Vice President, Jim Shepherd, observed that "Cloud-Based ERP May Be Approaching the Tipping Point", while an IDC survey earlier this year found that ERP (Financials) is now considered one of the most suitable applications to move to the cloud. That's quite an ascendency over the past few years - driven by tangible results ranging from improved IT efficiency, to work anywhere flexibility.

But what does it take to choose the right cloud ERP, and make sure it's going to meet business needs not just now, but down the road?  What are the kinds of questions to ask? Security? Data management? Viability? Customization? How does selection really differ from choosing an on-premise ERP? What's the real difference between cloud and hosted?

One way to how to ensure you've built a comprehensive evaluation process is to hear from executives that have selected and deployed cloud ERP - their drivers, their evaluation process, their outcome.

On Thursday July 21st @ 10AM PST you can join a live event, hosted by Focus and Michael Dortch, to get tips, best practices and insights first hand. I'll kick off the event and provide some of the common criteria and important factors we see at NetSuite, and then moderate a panel of executives, who rolled out cloud ERP at their companies. Doug Harr, CIO at Splunk, one of the fastest growing software companies will share the background on their decision, and he'll be joined by Chris Hauser, CEO & VP at healthcare claims processor NASCO, and Dino Farfante, President at manufacturer American Barcode. They'll provide frank insight on how their decision went down, how their cloud deployment is looking now, and provide an opportunity for you to get your questions answered.

If you're thinking about adopting cloud solutions at your business; want to know where to take your ERP deployment next; are looking to round out your RFI; or simply want to get a better perspective on the potential benefits, then you won't want to miss this event!