You may question—as have we—the purpose of adding yet another blog to the thousands of corporate blogs already out there. We all have our own examples of the company blog that places hype and style over substance. We certainly want to avoid that trap. So, the essential question for us is "Can we add to the online dialogue in a substantive way and avoid becoming just another channel for corporate flackery?"

In addressing this question, we had to consider our customers, who are eager for more timely information about NetSuite products, services, business strategies and points of view on key industry issues. A company blog appears to be quite a good place to address these needs and to encourage discussion and debate in real-time.

Cloud NetSuite will feature contributions from NetSuite employees from many different parts of the company, so you can look forward to some pretty diverse topics and opinions.

In addition to lots of product- and technology-related content, Cloud NetSuite contributors will also look at some of the myths and realities of cloud computing, and comment on how other companies and individuals are shaping the emerging cloud platforms, products, and business models. For example, NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson very shortly will offer his views on whether a traditional software vendor like SAP can make a real commitment to the SaaS business model.

Cloud NetSuite will be the place for customer insights and best practices, as organizations of all sizes move to embrace cloud computing products, services and technologies as part of their mainstream IT direction.

We welcome your engagement and we encourage your feedback and ideas. Though our tone may be lighthearted at times, know that we’re very serious about engaging the community that is interested in cloud computing, next-generation business management systems and new ways to make IT more productive and cost-effective. In order to ensure we have a real exchange of ideas and opinions, we need you to do more than just lurk in cyberspace. We want to get you fired up and talking to us.

We hope you’ll join us on Cloud NetSuite.

David Downing, Chief Marketing Officer