NetSuite’s release of its new Intelligent Order Management solution at its annual SuiteWorld conference in San Jose, was particularly timely for one customer.

True Brands, a multi-brand global designer and supplier of beverage lifestyle accessories, has already adopted a key aspect of NetSuite Intelligent Order Management.

An integrated combination of management and automation intelligence technologies, Intelligent Order Management delivers enhanced functionality to streamline the complexities of omnichannel order orchestration.

Eliminating data silos

The Seattle-based merchant has experienced 30 percent, year-over-year growth but its disparate systems and manual processes required increasing support, which eroded profits.

In early 2015, the company replaced multiple, on-premise, back-office, legacy systems with NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP platform, eliminating data silos, consolidating systems and streamlining its operations.

In mid-2015, True Brands deployed NetSuite’s ecommerce platform, SuiteCommerce, powering the merchant’s established B2B and growing B2C channels.

To automate processes, improve margins and improve the customer experience, True Brands has added NetSuite Intelligent Order Management, eliminating what it has openly called out as the ‘costly and best-guess’ practice of sales representatives determining how orders get fulfilled and shipped.

The customer is king

“In our business, it comes down to two things – great customer experience and business controls,” True Brands’ owner Nik Patel, said. “With NetSuite, we’re getting orders out fast and cost-effectively so we can pass the savings onto our customers.”

The company operates three US distribution centers and processes more than 2,500 B2B orders a week through its websites and call center.

Today, True Brands works with all of its nine brands share the same cart, providing a seamless experience as customers shop from one brand to another.

With NetSuite Intelligent Order Management, True Brands now has a single cloud-based solution from its back office to its front-end, customer-facing systems.

Tell a retailer that they can eradicate data silos and they are likely to prick up their ears. Tell a retailer that they can call and end to costly and best-guess sales practices and they will keep listening. Tell a retailer that they can automate how to best fulfill orders based on their inventory availability and the configurable business rules they establish inside NetSuite and make more money… and then you’ll start hearing the ching of the (virtual) cash register for sure.