More than 12,000 companies and divisions run NetSuite solutions for their integrated, enterprise-grade ERP, CRM and Ecommerce operations, but the real power of NetSuite isn't only found in a customer record or an inventory screen, but also found in the flexible, extensible and eminently accessible SuiteCloud cloud platform that powers our solution and NetSuite’s growing roster of SuiteApps partners. NetSuite brings the power and potential of SuiteCloud, NetSuite’s customization platform, to ISVs worldwide through the SuiteCloud Developer Network, NetSuite's dedicated developer program.

Being part of the SDN means having access to the gold standard in enterprise cloud development. We don't simply hand you a bare-bones IDE and a couple of sample objects. The SuiteCloud toolset is a fully integrated aspect of the NetSuite solution. SDN offers a point-and-click IDE, workflow management, a comprehensive toolset and extensive objects. Unlike some systems which limit API access to pre-defined, standard data records, our web services API provides complete access to all data records, including unlimited custom fields and custom records. Similarly, SuiteFlow action scripts can call other third-party SuiteApps, making your modules more valuable to customers and more integrated with the overall NetSuite experience.

We don't believe in forcing anybody to reinvent the wheel, so we offer pre-built connectors to major cloud and on-premise business applications. That lets you focus on your core specialty and speeds your time to market. Our workflow engine is the most powerful in the cloud, making it an ideal platform for micro-vertical customization that solves crucial business challenges for small but valuable business niches.

We emphasize quality, not quantity in our SuiteCloud Developer Network. That doesn't mean being an SDN partner is complicated or burdensome. Many of our developers are able to post their first SuiteApps to the NetSuite ecosystem within three to four weeks. All SDN members have access to online technical content, webinars and the SDN newsletter. Select and Premier partners gain additional benefits, including early beta access, integration guidance, referrals and other development and sales.

In addition to development support, NetSuite provides sales and marketing assistance, particularly through the portal. Once you package your SuiteApp for distribution with our SuiteBundler tool, our joint customers can browse for add-on capabilities by vertical or by business need, and adoption for most SuiteApps is a simple point-and-click process for NetSuite administrative users.

The SuiteCloud Developer Network opens NetSuite's always-on enterprise architecture to the ISV's vertical expertise, making it possible to create new business solutions quickly and bring them to market through a proven channel. Take part in one of our monthly SDN webinars and find out how NetSuite helps innovative ISVs reach today's high-growth customers.

-Raghu Gnanasekaran, Senior Director Business Development, NetSuite