Back in the 1980s, a new concept was introduced to manufacturing companies—one that defined a method for centrally coordinating all the resources and moving parts that make up a manufacturing company. No longer would individual functions need to be managed in disjointed systems, files, spreadsheets and so forth. Instead, data, material inventories, budgets, orders, human resources and more would all be centralized.

The result? Not just a revolution in the way manufacturing business are run, but a whole new way of looking at the entire business cycle. MRP—manufacturing resource planning—was born, and thus began the installation of countless on-premise MRP solutions over the coming decades.

Fast forward to today. As many of our world economies transition to services economies, we find that we’re at a similar crossroads. To drive the business of this new services-based economy, how can services companies move away from disjointed legacy systems, countless spreadsheets and manual processes to start gaining visibility into the entire services lifecycle? With services resource planning (SRP).

Services organizations are revolutionizing their businesses by abandoning traditional, installed applications and moving to cloud-based SRP solutions. SRP allows services organizations to focus on the core aspects of their business, including resource management, project management, project accounting and billing and client management. 

On Wednesday, September 7, NetSuite will host a webinar with guest speaker Mike Fauscette, Group Vice President at IDC, to discuss the impact of SRP, how SRP has evolved, and the impact it is having and will have in the future on the services industry. We’ll be joined by Rob Hull, Founder and CFO of NetSuite SRP customer Adaptive Planning, who will outline how his company has realized breakthrough gains in profitability and performance with SRP. And Ed Marshall, NetSuite’s SVP of Product Strategy for the services vertical, will discuss what makes cloud SRP one of the biggest software innovations of the 21st century. 

If you are a services organization looking to streamline project and resource management, drive talent acquisition and retention, increase real-time visibility into key metrics, and manage the complexities of project accounting, then you won’t want to miss this event! Sign up now for the webinar, The Impact of Services Resource Planning.

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