Lytro builds a consumer camera that promises to revolutionize photography with its innovative shoot first, focus later design. Square is empowering merchants to use iPad, iPhone and Android devices as credit card readers, reinventing how point-of-sale (POS) transactions are processed.

Liquid Robotics has built a marine robot that captures and utilizes wave energy for propulsion, while Jawbone helped pioneer the wireless speaker and headset industry with cutting-edge technology that answered unmet consumer demand.

These companies have several things in common. Each was named to the 2012 Fast Company magazine list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. And each uses NetSuite to power its business. In fact, 11 NetSuite customers made Fast Company’s prestigious list. (For the full rundown, click here).

It’s a testament to world-class vision, leadership and execution on the part of the honored innovators, and it reflects how cloud-based business management can help make game-changing innovations possible, starting with deployment that avoids the large up-front capital costs of on-premise software and which typically goes live in half the time.

That means the innovator has more capital to invest in product development and engaging customers, suppliers and distributors while accelerating its time to market. Once the cloud solution is in place, the innovator benefits with anywhere, anytime access to real-time business information, boosting productivity and enabling data-driven decision-making.

The cloud is the catalyst for innovation. We saw at the SuiteWorld conference in May how many hundreds of NetSuite customers are fueling rapid growth and out-innovating the competition atop a single, integrated cloud platform while flexibly customizing business processes with the SuiteCloud development platform. NetSuite supports innovation by giving companies agility, efficiency and visibility that can’t be achieved with hidebound in-house systems or on-premise systems. Innovators deploy NetSuite to manage a range of business processes, from financials to ecommerce to manufacturing and distribution.

For instance, Jawbone, based in San Francisco, has facilitated rapid growth by replacing QuickBooks and spreadsheets with NetSuite, including the NetSuite manufacturing module for materials resource planning, inventory management, standard costing and more. "As a growing company with international manufacturing and distribution, NetSuite allows us to streamline our resources by building our business on a single system," said Marin Tchakarov, VP of Finance and Controller at Jawbone.

And Square, also based in San Francisco, isn’t just a NetSuite customer—it’s a partner, too. Square and NetSuite have teamed up to offer merchants an integrated Square Register and NetSuite SuiteCommerce solution for a seamless and secure POS system that provides merchants with a comprehensive understanding of their customers, transactions and financials.

Congratulations to all NetSuite customers named to the Fast Company Most Innovative companies, and let’s keep innovating! 

Kimberly Odom - Director of Vertical Marketing, Software