Attendees Confer at SuiteWorld 2014

Over the decade that antivirus software maker ESET has been a NetSuite customer, the company hasn't just been a regular at SuiteWorld. It's presented at the annual conference, been an active participant in both NetSuite's user group and its customer advisory board, and has even served as a customer referral.

"We are always looking for progress in the creation of new features and/or bug fixes," John Tannone, VP of Business Systems, said via email.

The company's visibility in the NetSuite ecosystem has been rewarded with access to product managers for help resolving issues, and its role on the customer advisory council has enabled it to get a glimpse of future NetSuite roadmaps before they're made public.

The give-and-take of ESET's relationship with NetSuite serves as an appropriate metaphor for how Tannone says one can get the most out of attending SuiteWorld.

"What you get out of SuiteWorld is a function of what you put in," he said."If you are actively participating in some of the round-tables, attend and ask questions in the break-out sessions, or interact with other customers during lunches or social events, you will get much more out of attending than if you simply sit there."

Tannone notes that active participation leads to the kind of dialogues that often are the most important part of SuiteWorld. For instance, he said he and his team often have found themselves exchanging best practices with NetSuite customers from other industries.

"These discussions are most fruitful as it often allows us to look at a solution to a problem in ways we have not quite seen," Tannone said. "They also allow us to provide possible insight into how we’ve resolved issues that others are just running up against."

As for tactical SuiteWorld advice, Tannone recommends lots of preparation, such as combing the agenda for sessions that address current business problems. And if you're attending as a team, he said, "split up and tackle different tracks."

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