Posted by Adrian Bridgwater, Guest Blogger

NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson at SuiteWorld 2014

SuiteWorld, NetSuite’s annual partner and user conference, is an excellent way to get front and center with the company’s executive team, according to one longtime partner. It’s also a pretty good party.

“I’ve spoken to Zach Nelson on a couple of occasions at NetSuite and was struck by how genuinely he was interested in the welfare of his customers and how NetSuite can help them be better,” said Lou Balla, CEO of Nuage Consulting Group, LLC. “NetSuite also knows how to throw a party, every year the teams outdo themselves with SuiteFest!”

Nuage Consulting is an ERP implementation specialist that specializes in the deployment of complementary software tools that dovetail with NetSuite, such as Adaptive Insights, its NetSuite budgeting and forecasting tool. These tools are developed as SuiteApps using the SuiteCloud Development Network itself.

Balla said that his lasting impression of the show is just how passionate, involved and approachable all of NetSuite’s management is in everything to do with NetSuite. His team is “continually impressed” by the advances that NetSuite continues to make in addressing the complex requirements of ever larger enterprise organizations, he said.

Attending this year’s exhibition and conference as members of the SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN), Nuage’s Balla has some sound advice for other SDN partners out there who are attending the show this year.

“In a word – interact,” Balla said. “Make a concerted effort to meet with NetSuite employees, partners and customers with a strategic objective to absorb and learn. Many of them are doing some incredible things, so try to soak it all in think about how you can apply this extra knowledge -- and NetSuite’s wider approach and style across its technology stack -- in your own development environments for greater competitive advantage.”

Balla insists that SuiteWorld is forum to learn where we all plan to be in the future with our businesses and the directions that some of us plan to go to get to those destinations.

Learn how to get to your destination by registering for SuiteWorld 2015.