At the SuiteWorld 2017 keynote for nonprofits, Harish Mohan, NetSuite’s Vice President of Solution Consulting and David Geilhufe, Senior Director of Nonprofit, detail the challenges confronting nonprofits today, including greater demand for information from donors, board members and even recipients, evolving business models and disconnects between the front and back office, and how NetSuite is helping overcome these challenges including the new SuiteSuccess for Nonprofits industry solution.

Geilhufe is joined on stage by Maggie Tallman, NetSuite’s Vertical Whole Product Manager; Bob Dixson, CFO of Rise Against Hunger, a nonprofit addressing access to food and education; Philip Gunraj, Controller for BrightPoint Health, a nonprofit addressing the health care needs of the poor in New York; and Peggy Duvette, NetSuite’s Senior Director for Social Impact; Mizgon Darby, Director of Development for Raft, a nonprofit providing resources for teachers.