Did you ever send a document to a customer only to find out it did not include the last edits from a colleague because those are still stuck in your inbox?

You store a lot of business information in NetSuite and use NetSuite to collaborate with colleagues around that information. Can NetSuite also help you to collaborate around - say - spreadsheets?

NetSuite is very good at manipulating business information that is stored in standard and custom records and making that information available to everybody in real time. If you need to track text documents, spreadsheets, presentations or other files, you can attach them to NetSuite records to keep those files together with the relevant NetSuite data. However, providing the ability to collaborate around those files is not core ERP/CRM functionality.

Customers have been asking us for a SaaS solution that allows them to collaborate around files from within NetSuite. Following these requests, we've partnered with Box.net to bring cloud content management and collaboration to NetSuite. 

Box.net was founded in 2005 on the idea that users should be able to access and share their files from anywhere. The Box.net solution is already in use by over 3 million individuals, small businesses and Fortune 1000 companies, and is now integrated with NetSuite.

Think of "Box for NetSuite" as the central cloud for your company's non-structured content, keeping departments and outside parties in sync by providing a central platform for crucial business files. For example, your marketing team can ensure that your sales representatives always have the latest collateral, your sales team can work on a proposal in a central place, or your professional services team can collaborate internally and with the customer on a Statement of Work that is attached to the relevant customer record in NetSuite.

With the integration, Box’s collaboration and workflow tools are now accessible directly from within NetSuite, making it easy for users to access, manage and share files without leaving NetSuite. The Box.net team has done an excellent job integrating their solution. NetSuite records have a Box.net tab (just like NetSuite’s “Files” tab) from where you can attach files to records and make them available to others in view-only or edit mode. Roles and permissions follow the NetSuite permissions: if a user has access to a certain record, he or she also has access to the associated files stored on Box.net.

1. Box.net tab on NetSuite record

Additionally, there is a user interface built into NetSuite from where you can store and collaborate on files that are not associated with CRM, ERP or Ecommerce records, bringing the full functionality of Box.net inside NetSuite.

2. Box.net's full user interface inside NetSuite

One of the great features of Box.net is that not everybody needs to have a Box.net license to collaborate. For instance, a Sales Rep with a Box.net license can make a proposal available to a customer and even though the customer does not have a Box.net license, she can still collaborate on the proposal through a web browser or Box.net’s iPhone, iPad or Blackberry app.

If you are looking for cloud content management, I encourage you to check out Box for NetSuite on SuiteApp.com. If you would like to be contacted by the Box team, you can fill out this form.