QR codes have been popping up more often these days, from print advertisements in restaurant bathrooms to business cards to the back of shampoo bottles.

QR codes, or "quick response" two-dimensional barcodes readable by camera phones, can be used to open a web page, add a vCard contact to a user's device, compose an email or perform other functions. Most Android, Nokia and BlackBerry phones come with QR code readers pre-installed, and if not, free QR reader software is available for most mobile platforms.

With the broad usability of QR codes, advertisers and marketers are using them to engage customers and prompt actions. This blog post offers some good examples of how marketers are using QR codes to engage customers, such as this Ralph Lauren ad in a magazine. 


Originally used for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing, QR code structures comprise various functional elements for version, format, position, alignment and timing, as outlined in this example on Wikipedia.

With their sudden popularity, QR codes are of interest to NetSuite for potential use at our SuiteWorld 2011 global conference, May 8–12 in San Francisco. Because QR codes can be easily generated at no cost and would allow us to direct SuiteWorld attendees to specific web pages or content, they’re an intriguing option that could help us communicate with the audience.

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