Taproot Foundation and NetSuite.org, the Corporate Citizenship arm of NetSuite, recently released a playbook for companies to maximize the social impact of their software donation programs by pairing their program with employee-provided pro bono training and support.

The purpose of this Playbook is to give companies concrete steps to take as they develop a pro bono for product donation program. The Playbook outlines core tenets that will set the program up for success, and weaves in case studies from NetSuite.org’s own pro bono for product donation program to show real-life examples.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Taproot Foundation to put pen to paper to share how NetSuite.org has enhanced our product donation offering with strategic pro bono support,” said David Geilhufe, Senior Director and General Manager, Nonprofits and Corporate Citizenship, NetSuite. “We see this guide as a great conversation starter about how pro bono can enhance a product donation program and ultimately lead to greater impact and adoption among the social change organizations we are committed to supporting.”

 Access the Playbook here: http://www.netsuite.org/pro-bono1