The people at Shiftgig know a thing or two about pivoting – and succeeding.

Originally created as a job board for temporary workers (primarily in the restaurant and service industries), the business pivoted to become the leading mobile technology platform that is focused on connecting high-quality, vetted, hourly workers with businesses who need them. People looking to earn extra cash can now quickly and easily search for shifts and businesses have a more agile way to tap into workers who have been pre-vetted, and skill tagged to meet their needs.

In four years, the company expanded from locations in Chicago and New York to a total of 14 markets across the US and now have more than 38,000 workers, whom they call “Specialists,” and over 2,600 clients ranging from mom and pop stores to multinational retailers. With an estimated 70 million hourly workers in the US alone, Shiftgig has plenty of room for growth.

With that growth came a refinement of the business. When Shiftgig pivoted from a job board to a mobile app, it promised to “change the way people work.” Today, Shiftgig is focused on providing financial opportunity for people who want or need flexibility in work, ranging from single moms with limited free time, to students and more.

In 2016, Shiftgig extended the reach of people they are helping put to work by branching out into the experiential marketing industry.

But, like many fast-growing businesses, Shiftgig’s internal systems couldn’t keep up, making it difficult to conduct financial consolidation across three subsidiaries and handle complex requirements from larger clients. Shiftgig adopted NetSuite to manage financials across the business. As a result, financial consolidation is done in minutes and the company can now provide sophisticated client reporting, broken out by event, shift and venue, as well as across schedules. What once took three hours per client is now done in 30 minutes. Shiftgig is also able to continue to grow with NetSuite. One client alone accounts for 33,000 transactions per month in NetSuite.

For more on Shiftgig, watch the video below.