Next month offers a special opportunity for those who want to become an expert of NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Platform. SuiteTraining’s March Developer Month can help to sharpen your skills for using the SuiteCloud Developer Tools.

SuiteCloud Developer Tools include a variety of technologies for customizing NetSuite, building new applications, or integrating NetSuite with other applications. They include workflow management, scripting, analytics, web services, and more. SuiteTraining offers courses on each of these tools to help you improve your skills no matter if you are a beginner just starting with NetSuite or a seasoned software developer.


If you are new to NetSuite or just starting your NetSuite implementation, begin your studies by taking the SuiteCloud: Exploring the NetSuite Platform course. This two-day training will orient you to the power and flexibility of the NetSuite platform. You will be introduced to the six technologies that comprise SuiteCloud Developer Tools: SuiteBuilder, SuiteAnalytics, SuiteFlow, SuiteScript, SuiteTalk, and SuiteBundler. By the end of this course, you will be able to identify when and how each SuiteCloud technology should be used based on the requirements and desired outcomes.


A critical component of the SuiteCloud platform is the SuiteFlow workflow engine. It provides a point-and-click interface for customizing and automating business processes. All NetSuite administrators and software developers should be able automate business processes in NetSuite. If you are new to building workflows, take the SuiteFlow: Workflow Fundamentals course to learn key foundational concepts for creating workflows, such as automating the creation of tasks, phone calls and other records. Once you have mastered the basics or if you are already familiar with creating workflows, consider taking the SuiteFlow: Advanced Workflows course for a deeper dive into the workflow engine. During the advanced course, you will learn techniques for developing more sophisticated workflows such as generating approval routings with sequential and parallel approvals.

Java and SuiteScript

For more complex customizations, NetSuite offers SuiteScript, a technology built on JavaScript for application-level scripting. SuiteScript provides the ability to create flexible business logic within NetSuite, from sophisticated business processes to entirely new applications. During the five-day SuiteScript: Extend NetSuite with JavaScript course, you will acquire the skills necessary to use SuiteScript to meet your business needs. Through hands-on practice, you learn to build an array of scripts, such as scheduling automated processes to occur at specified intervals or creating records automatically based on the submittal of other records. You also learn how to use SuiteScript D-Bug to quickly diagnose and correct problems with your scripts.


Finally SuiteTalk web services integration allows you to integrate NetSuite with a variety of applications including on-premise and third-party cloud systems. Take the SuiteTalk: Integrate Your Applications course to learn how to work with the NetSuite WSDL, analyze SOAP messages, and execute web service operations using C#. You will learn to utilize the correct set of best practices when developing web service applications that integrate with NetSuite, import data from your ecommerce web site or other applications, export data from NetSuite to load it into another application and more.

View the SuiteTraining course catalog for more details about each of these courses as well as class dates and times. Register for training by Thursday, February 27, and save 30% on all technical courses scheduled in March. Use promotion code MDM30 when you register. Contact Kerman Camacho, your NetSuite Education Advisor, for help with matching the right training to your needs and enrolling in classes.